Project: Overkill – GMC TopKick – Custom Scale 4×4 Truck PLOW!

Well my friends – as you can see from above – Project Overkill has come a LONG way from the original inception of doing an “Axial Dingo” upgrade. The film series continues, as I have recently released “Update video #16” (below), featuring a brand new part from a very Young Inventor – Karl. I am omitting his last name as the young fellow is 15 years of age.

But I must say.. what an AMAZiNG Product he has come up with – A Snow Plow!

For those of you that are NEW to this Project Build – Please Visit this Link

Karl and his Father are a team that came up with this Brilliant idea! Based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, USA – this dynamic duo create innovative inventions such as this! Karls Father is a Machinist who was able to cut the mount for the Snow Plow! Now Im not going to go into details about this product – out of respect for the inventors – BUT! I can tell you that they CUSTOM Made this shovel for me to fit the specs of PROJECT OVERKiLL! It was Young Karl himself, who contacted the RCSparks Studio through Facebook – to build and send me this fine Plow!

Since it was to be on the Magnanimous GMC TopKick Dually OVERKiLL build project.. the Plow had to be ENORMOUS! Measuring in at 4″ Tall.. and 11″ Wide!! Fantastic!!

And on top of it.. Karl and his Father came up with a BRILLIANT idea to mount a Servo In the Mounting Bracket to give the Truck Shovel its own Side-to-Side Movement!! I love to see great ideas come from teams like this one!! AWESOME DUDES!

Well a Double thumbs up goes to this invention team – I am certainly looking forward to modifying it in an attempt to get this bad boy attached to Project Overkill!!

Im sure all the RC ADDiCTS ARE DYING to see it in the Snow.. all we have to do is wait! Haha! That gives me time to get it mounted properly.. and to Make sure every thing is secure! Ill be the most POPULAR guy on the block this Year.. While Im Plowing my Driveway!

My Friends.. Enjoy the video Overview..!

  • Spiersjustin26

    over kill is going to look bad ass Aaron  with that plow on it

  • Peter Munkholm

    I love it. Soon as I saw it, I started thinking of my own 100 foot driveway and all the snow shoveling, that would suddenly become RC FUN!

  • Hammell-557

    hey medic have you thought about making a mount off the frame for your plow on project overkill? i plow alot in mukoka in the winter an i know that if the plow was on the axle you would just be having problems, but if it was on the frame, it would be stronger, but you would just have the put heavyer springs in the front,

    picture the mount as a trianle on its side<I, bend the bottom part of the mount so you have room for the axle flex, drill a hole for mounting to frame and, to mount your plow you should be good man 

  • Steven

    hi so can we buy a plow like that?

  • steven

    this is how i did

  • TimberWolf28

    Hey Medic, I’m loving the project so far, and I can’t wait to see it when it’s done. You gave me the idea to go and build a project Overkill of my own, but it’d most likely be a bit faster, I’m thinking twin Kershaw 700s, and trying to mount a Traxxas 2 speed up to it, I’ll have to really work on the design, but I think I could do it, unless the axles would shred