RC ADVENTURES – 2 Losi 4×4 Trail Trucks on Backyard Scale Course

This is our first run on the scale course.. and it proved more difficult then we expected. My Dad is in visiting from out of town – and no sooner did he see the dig pit then did he want to run a trail trekker through it! How could I refuse!? So I pulled out two of my Losi Trail Trekker 4×4’s and charged the batteries. So awesome.. it just finished raining so the mud is slick and the water is deep in some areas. Over the rocks, and through the much.. we made our way around the course. It’s not easy stopping and filming all these angles for everyone – but he understands there are so many RC ADDiCTS that love to see Father and Son having fun int he yard. Screw societies rules about “what you can and can’t do ” to have fun! We were wheeling in the mud pit’s and IT WAS AWESOME!!!

I hope you get a chance to dig a small mud pit in your yard (if you have permission of course), and you get a chance to get out for some fun int he sun!

PS .. Don’t worry – our trucks will dry out! Haha!