RC ADVENTURES – EPiSODE 400 – UNPLUGGED – DJ MEDiC & JEM chat with Community Viewers

400 VIDEOS, 34 MILLION VIEWS! SIMPLY AMAZING! THANK YOU! For this Fun occasion, JEM and Myself sit and answer some of the questions that have been asked over the last several years of filming the RC ADVENTURES series on Youtube. It all started with me wanting to have a new hobby.. and to share my experiences with the world. Little did we know what an impact it would have on the hobby community.

Radio Control has always been an interest of mine, and when I found out I could show off my fun by recording my experiences and share it with others – I was always excited to do more. We had no idea that it would lead to 3 1/2 years of Passion, Dedication, Perseverance, and a Love for a community.

What better time for us to sit down with the viewers of the show, and really just have a good time, sitting back, and tipping a few with the audience. This show was quite unique as we have never just sat on camera.. having a relaxed time for thousands to see. It’s certainly a new experience for us.. and a happy one to remember. We chat about our different films, video equipment, editing, the RCSparks Community, our relationship, the Youtube community and the great times we’ve had.

We hope the viewers enjoy this extended, special edition show – because we sure appreciate the time you spend with us!

Episode 400 Took 2 weeks to plan, 3 Hours to film, 10 hours of Editing, 12 Hours of Processong.. and a 3.5 hour upload..

COMPLETE Smiles from US!

Thanks everyone.. and we hope your smiling!


  • BroncoFanatic

    More than the info that you give us all, it’s that you and Jem just have fun playing with toys and spending time with one another and share it with us all. Thanks for the fun videos and all the help videos. I myself enjoy just seeing what you do to your rigs and the pure child like fun you have with them. God knows I love my RC’s also. Here’s to a continued success to RC Sparks and a great future to you and Jem.

  • Artyomus

    it’s INSPIRING! What to say…

  • Benjamincummings

    I really enjoyed the video. Thank you Neil Clark Warren! :) I think it’s really great that you get to do what you enjoy……and get paid to do it! You are definitely an inspiration to the rest of us. I bet for every truck or other r/c….there is a pair of shoes! :) Thank you again. You guys rock!

  • K_sweat

    Hi Medic & Jem
    love your videos you got me started in the RC hobby I have an Axiall scorpion RTC I have changed the three link to a four link also replaced the upper and lower links with aluminum pipe with high clerance. pipe in on the rear. i am upgrading the trans with all steel gears and one pcs. gear and outdrive shaft. and i am look for the dual motor plate now. oh ya i got the RC bug bad thanks i love this stuff
    stay crazy