RC ADVENTURES – Jeepin’ in the Beast 4X4 Wrangler Rubicon

The Spring melt is finally here! It has been an unusually long winter – but at last we can stretch our legs and get out to have some fun! I made sure my “Beast” Axial SCX10 I have built.

This particular truck runs on Dual 35T Brushed Motors, and an RX8 ESC. Everything is powered by a GensAce 3s Lipo (8400mah). The Servo is a High Torque Savox, and the tires are Traxxas Sledgehammers. The rims are the GMade Air System 2.2 in size. The Drive Shafts are RC4WD steel Punishers, connected to a VanquishRC Transmission with RRP Steep Gears. This is an electric 4×4 that was pieced together over several years. The Shocks are Integy MSR10 (my personal favourite).

Everything about this truck has been made to be Super Tough, and durable. It is a very expensive truck – but certainly worth all the hours of amazing fun I have with it :)

Enjoy my friends.. this is certainly an epic journey..