RC ADVENTURES – “KRANKiLLEN” – Tribute RC Tower Crane (PT 1 – Intro)

After almost 1 year of planning, working, creating, fabricating, trial and error – whisking the magic cauldron of RC goodness is all about making a dream come true. Today, a certain dream comes to visualization for one of my most avid viewers and supporters “YouTuber: Krankillen”. His YouTube channel is (https://www.youtube.com/user/krankillen) (P.S – Kran Killen translates to “Crane Dude” in German)

With the help of some of my most skilled RCSparks Studio Mechanic members – (Most commonly & affectionately referred to by the RC Adventures viewers as “The Dave’s”) – Over the last 9 months – they have helped me memorialize “Torbjörn Kjellberg” – aka “Krankillen”(from Lidköping Sweden!) This man is someone I respect as an individual and as a great RC ADDICT! He, and his family have supported me for over 6 years – and my family has been able to watch his family grow in to the RC hobby – and turn it in to a life style. This series is to honour him, and his dedication to seeing others do well in the Radio Control Hobby.

I have witnessed his channel grow from a smaller hobby enthusiast – to someone who inspires me constantly with new and creative ways to expose others to our great hobby and community. He has surpassed barriers in the hobby of fabrication and has pioneered creative ways to make the hobby of RC interesting. I think more people should know about him.. so I hope this video series helps.

NOW – on to my Fantastic team!! David Junior and David Sr! My friends.. the years we have spent together.. I am honoured that I have known you. David Sr. – You have raised a Son I can only hope to have. If the world had more folks like your good family – then all would be at ease.

I would like to speak more about David Jr’s abilities – because he is truly gifted. We have worked together on this project for almost 1 year. There have been trials and tribulations.. there has been lessons and atonement! I have been simply privileged to have your family as a part of my growing family for so many years. This project has had many variances – but here we stand today, as champions of our arena! THANK YOU MY FELLOW RC GLADiATORS! People will love this project, on a Global Scale!