RC Rotary Snowplow – Custom build – Test 2 (Day Time)

Through testing, I concur it definitely could use 2 Short Augers in the front, with Extended Barn Doors at 80 degrees. These Augers could be run on 35t Brushed motors and would be attached to the barn doors. Modelled after a Locomotive Style Rotary Snowplow – this design is intended to Clear massive amounts of Snow on Pathways, and Rail Ways. It does this by pushing Snow, while clearing it. It pushes snow into a Straight Line.. and then Gobbles it up as it goes along.. USUALLY mounted on the front of a Train Engine, this style of Snow Plough is incredibly Dangerous and can swallow a Man Alive!! (Well in Full Scale!)

Here are a few examples of what this Snowplow has been modelled after:




The Snowplow I have is for clearing a Scale Trail Path in the back woods when a heavy Snow fall has occurred. Not for clearing Driveways – (though that is where I test it).

Myself, my friend David Jr, his Grandpa & his Dad came up with a crazy idea for an RC SNOWPLOW. It was Grandpa that came up with the idea for the Rotary Style – and I LOVE iT! We have been working on getting it going for over a year! With some modifications and EXTREME ELECTRONiCS Upgrades we are almost 100% operational. Now I just have to learn how to drive the thing with some skill.

Mounted on the front of my Mega Machine “HD OVERKiLL”, a 6×6 (6WS) Electric Truck – the snow blower is powered by a GensAce 5000mah 4s, a Castle 80iCE ESC, and E-Flite 400kv Helicopter Motor. The gear box is made from a hand grinder, and the rest is fabricated.

HD Overkill is NOT running the Smoke Stacks because my smoker cracked. i have a new one on order!

Enjoy my friends & Fellow RC ADDiCTS!