RC ADVENTURES – Three Scale 4×4 Trucks Explore an Ancient Wasteland

Click to Subscribe! ► Subscribe to Support, its FREE! – The sun is hot, and the desert wasteland is unforgiving. The trucks are packed up, the radiators are full and we ready to hit the trail. I am using my RC4WD Toyota Hilux (Blue) today, while pulling my Polaris RZR side-by-side. I want to see how my truck does while pulling this extra heavy load. My truck is jacked up and quite stiff in the front – but lot’s of flex in the rear suspension. I keep it this way to maintain the height I have the front body of the truck at. All three of these vehicles are RC4WD Trail Finder 2’s – though the bodies are all slightly different. Each truck has been modified by the owners to function as how a full scale truck would. Each RC with a transmission, transfer case, electric brushed motors, steel driveshafts and more. They really can take on a beating! Imagination in the radio control hobby world is no longer limited, and anything these days seems possible.

A special thanks to my very good friends and RC family David Jr, David Sr and Anna! With out these fine folks this episode would not have been made possible. Anna, the lovely daughter of David Sr, helped in filming & driving, and of course the Dave’s (a Father and Son team) always anxious to put on a really good show for our viewers on RC Adventures! Some may remember that David Jr and I did a video on his 1:1 Toyoa Hilux and his replica 1/10th scale truck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFzSJc9Lwzk

This is the Tips Video I did about painting my BLUE Toyota hilux body here: Painting Tips and Tutorial

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