RCSparks Celebrates 300 Episodes of RC ADVENTURES!

I would never have imagined that I would be sitting here today Celebrating in a Fantastic Community – built on the platform of a Video Series I do Online. That series of Course being “RC ADVENTURES”. Today we reach 300 Posted videos showcasing the world of Radio Control in a way that has never been attempted before. Can you believe that the video series is quickly approaching 20 MILLION total upload views? REMARKABLE!

Discussion thread Here: 300 EPiSODES of RC ADVENTURES – Topic

My Friends – I present to you my BEST WORK to date – a Compilation, Collage, Montage, Mish Mash.. what ever you want to call it.. and I paired it with a Fantastic Producer “LUPO” from www.KickItRecordings.com. Big ups to Kick it for AMPING this video, so RCSparks can celebrate the RIGHT WAY! LONG LIVE the RADIO CONTROL HOBBY!