GREAT JOB RCCrawlerKing! RCSparks Forum Intro Leader in the NewsPaper!

In the paper

Brandon (RCCrawlerKing) is consistently making the RCSparks Studio proud. His continued dedication to the hobby of Radio Control is an example of what true Passion really is! It is so great to see a young fellow like him consistently putting in a HUGE effort in to getting others interested in the hobby. For many years he has been an exceptional member of our forums – Leading the INTRO Team like a champ! (The Intro Team is a group of Volunteers that welcome new members in our community forums). Once again he steps up his game and brings us the news paper clip above. Brandon, thank you so very much for sharing this with us on Facebook and here on RCSparks. The RCSparks Studio is proud to have such a dedicated young man on our team, leading the way for the Younger Generation to get into the great hobby of Radio Control! I am honoured you mentioned me Brandon, thank you so much for being an inspiration to all of us!

Keep up the good work buddy! Here is a Link to his Forum Article!