RCSparks Four-Page Article Published in Premier Issue of VelocityRC Magazine!

I am proud to say that I was asked to write an Article for a Brand New, Digital magazine titled “VRC”, or rather: Velocity RC. Jeff Eveleigh, also known in the RC Industry as “the Pioneer of Extreme RC Film”, and an accomplished Publicist producing media under the pseudonym of XXXMAIN – is one of the Founders of this Great Addition to the hobby community.

With the VRC magazine working with some of the most recognizable and influential people in the RC Industry, I reviewed the content of the Premier issue and accepted the challenge. I have never written for a publishing magazine before, BUT – the topic was one I was familiar with.

The Topic was: “How to Build A Rock Crawler / Trail Course”.

It was a real pleasure to try and be creative in a different way then using film as my medium. Jeff let me know that the neat thing about this magazine.. was they were embedding videos RIGHT IN THE PAGES! Remarkable! Now I knew that if I was able to write a decent article, I could supplement it with some good photography and a few choice videos. I chose to Use my experience with the now Famous “Rude Boyz RC Club” & “TEDS GARAGE” as subjects of experience.

I send out a special THANK YOU to TED & KRAZY Joe for allowing me into their clubs to have a look around with my camera.

Thank You to VELOCITY RC MAGAZINE for inviting me into your first EDITION.. CONGRATULATIONS on a JOB Well DONE! Not only do you have Rock Crawling – but the Content of the Mag is Fantastic! Not too many Advertisements.. and PLENTY to Read. Nitro, Electric, Tips and Tricks.. you had it all. Fantastic!

My article turned out AWESOME! I am very pleased. I tried to pack it full of information so New Hobbyests, and Senior Crawlers would be able to get a few ideas!

For all the RC ADDiCTS interested in seeing the complete Article.. I would ask you to support the New Magazine, and check out their Website. I do not profit from this, and there is NO Subscription costs.. you just buy the magazine 1 issue at a time. Here is a Link to their purchase page. Each Issue is $1.99. It has more than 100 Pages of Amazing content.. and if I sy its good.. Well you know darn well your gunna have a good read. Looks great on an Ipad!

Thank you my friends.. and WOOT WOOT! My first Published Article! Too Cool!

  • Reggie368

    Congratulations !

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    Congratulations on your new opportunities!