RCSparks Introduces PM Hobbycraft

Hello to all of the RC ADDiCTS of the world! My friends.. you know Im always travelling about, reporting on different hobby stores that I visit. Well, I think it would be appropriate to show you a little of my own “back yard”. Folks are always asking me where I get my stuff from, and due to an over-whelming popular request – I will show you.

Located in Calgary, Alberta – Canada – PM Hobbycraft has been in operation since the late 1950’s. I remember going there as a young man myself, often finding myself standing, and drooling over the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos that populate the many shelves of this store. Still to this day, they have jaw dropping displays of Top Radio Control Products, for Land, Air and Water. Remarkable. Its THE largest store in Canada and their website www.PMHobbycraft.com certainly reflects the solid foundation that is in place.

Friendly Staff, and an abundance of stock make this hobby warehouse a very desirable place to be. It seems it is a rarity they do not have the piece I am looking for, and for the last year is the place where I shop personally.

It helps to see smiling faces in a fun atmosphere, when you are already down in the dumps out for breaking your favourite RC. Smiles go a long way, and make visiting the store a pleasant experience.

I Bet you havent seen THIS SCALE War Before! There is an AIR BRIGADE hanging from the rafters!

Maybe RC CARS and PLANES are too darn fast for you.. and you want to sit back and build a Static model.. How long do you think it would take you to get through … THESE:

So if you get a chance to check out the Calgary Hobby scene – if your from out of town on a vacation – OR even want to peruse the Net for some fun Toys that You ALWAYS are in need of.. Check out this store. RCSparks Studios WELCOMES PM Hobbycraft as a new GOLD VENDOR and Quality Trusted Merchandiser in the Community Forums. You can Check out their Latest and Greatest by visiting their website (Click above link), or maybe you have a few questions for them… Ask in the forum! Here is a Link to their Section!

Welcome PM Hobbycraft! We know you will love it here, and our Site Members will benefit from visiting your Store, either in Person, or ONLINE! You’re a Great Edition to our Community!

  • Dale “Dribble” McAmmond

    Welcome aboard and its great to have you here. Everyone is great and for sure look forward to you guys being around. 

  • Randy Santa-Ana

    Awesome!  Welcome aboard, PM Hobby!  Glad to see some familiar faces featured here!  I love you guys!

  • Themdot

    Man,That store is killer! If that place was here,i’d probably have to join R/C anonymous. I would without a doubt have serious problems. As I am an ADDiCT….

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.fox.31924 Mike Fox

    I recently just came back from a vacation to calgary and i got a traxxas 1/10 grave digger and i broke it pretty bad and pm hobby craft had all the parts i could ever need and the staff was very nice and helpfull, i think pm hobbycraft is the best hobby store out there!