RCSparks Studio Special – SKATE PARK PAiN 4 “DiRT iS FOR WiMPS” 2012

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Today I had the pleasure of releasing the RCSparks Studio’s independent film series “Skate Park Pain 4 – DiRT is FOR WiMPS” to Youtube and the world. The “Skate Park Pain” series is an ongoing event that has evolved from being a Small Bash session at a local Skate Park.. to now a 3 Year Tradition, growing both in popularity and attendance with each passing event. I have had the honour of seeing many RC enthusiasts RISK IT ALL for the pleasures of the online RC community and viewers of RC ADVENTURES. We are now seeing AMAZING rigs and highly tuned machines purpose built for Speed, Agility and of course.. BIG AIR.

In passed years and Skate Park Pain events, I have released shorter, less “in-depth videos” about this gathering, as “it was just a few friends” going to bash. But, with this year being SO successful I had to take the opportunity and (with another Years Practice of video making under my belt), I figured I would produce something unique. I wanted to release a film that takes the viewer on a true Journey of RC – but in less than 15 Minutes.

The First Video – is about an ongoing struggle we have had over the years – where No one could make a Complete Ring around this GIANT LOOP. Well.. The Mission was accomplished this year. The RC Drivers were determined, and I was equipped with a mixture of techniques and editing tricks – and with footage from several cameras – I captured some GREAT Moments on film and framed the essence of the HURT.

The second part is a 15 minute look at what being in an RC MiLE HIGH CLUB IS ALL ABOUT! Lol..

BASHING, JUMPING, SMASHING & CARNAGE. A PiNNACLE of Online RC Mayhem. A four act EXTREME RC Short Film that will take you through the Highs & Lows of RC TRUCK BASHING in a CONCRETE SKATE PARK. This is like nothing you have EVER SEEN BEFORE! The Most Expensive Rigs, Risking it ALL

– Purpose built for HIGH FLYING Action and your ENTERTAINMENT!

All they want to do is be HONOURED, & forever recorded into the history books of


All Radio Controlled Vehicles featured in this film are ELECTRIC. We do not run Nitro’s or Gas on Concrete surfaces, out of respect for others sharing the park.

As a video producer, and as an RC Hobby enthusiast – I must say that I am fortunate to have such amazing friends, and fellow RC ADDiCTS that come down to show support, & partake in the SKATE PARK PAIN Series. Each year, has been better than the last. A Special thanks goes out to the CALGARY CRAWLERS RC Club, and to BCROCKS ..aka: Ryan, Crawler Ted, Krazy Joe, Kam2040, Bacon, Warez_420, Homer, and all the folks that came down to RISK IT ALL for everyones viewing pleasure.

The RC COMMUNITY, RC ADVENTURES viewers, and the RCSparks Studio


I, Aaron Bidochka, created this film in its entirety. Every aspect of this film was created, produced and licensed by me. I own 100% world copyright to this film on a global level. This video is not to be distributed for re-sale and has been watermarked appropriately by my Studio logos throughout the film. This film is NOT to be replicated without direct written permission from the RCSparks Studio and myself. To get in touch with me directly, please email me at the RCSparks Studio website. Link posted above.

This video was filmed Fathers Day (June 17th, 2012), at Millenium Skate Park in Calgary Alberta.

I used 3 different Prograde Cameras, and produced on an iMac / Final Cut combo to help make this film. I own all equipment and software licenses. I filmed, edited and processed this video myself. All logos appearing in this film were used with permission under the common use laws, as well as I own RCSparks Studio and all copyright permissions to the RCSparks Logo.

The music in this video has been acquired by the RCSparks Studio and the djmedic2008 Youtube channel for use in this film by paid license(s)

Music as Follows:

1) “In Da Club” – Royalty Free, Paid License (Purchased June, 2012)

2) “EpiC DubStep” – Royalty Free, Paid License (Purchased June, 2012)

3) “Sport & Race Show” – Royalty Free, Paid License (Purchased June, 2012)

4) “Breakbeat Pack” – Royalty Free, Paid License (Purchased June, 2012)

5) “Anonymous” – Royalty Free, Paid License (Purchased June, 2012)