RiVER RESCUE Attempt – Chevy Beast 4×4 Radio Control Truck

The BEAST is unveiled as a Rescue truck.. but the first mission could have gone a little better.. Rough waters..

(1080p HD for the clearest water viewing), What a crazy scenario out in the woods again. Some 4×4 Ya-hoo got himself stuck in the creek completely killing his jeep in a waterfall. No Power, and the wheels are locked. The Beast Chevy moved in to take a hold of the situation – but truly, this was a crazy event. The fast moving water and the unstable rocks made this rescue attempt a very dangerous one. Don’t worry – all people were recovered from the fast moving waters – and no one was hurt. Thankfully!

We also recovered the the vehicles – though they were a little water-logged! haha

My Red Truck (Rescue Truck) is not completed. I am still awaiting the windshield, light kit, headlight covers and a few other things to arrive. It’s a work in progress!