Sparks Studio History Page – How Did all this Happen?!

Updated: July, 2013

Hello everyone – my name is Aaron Bidochka (Bid-aw-ch-ka), also known as “djmedic2008” on YouTube.

Currently, at the time of this article being updated – I am 36 years old.

Being an independent promoter of the Radio Control hobby – I own and design this website. I create an online video series”RC ADVENTURES“. To date – my video library of more than 500 productions has been viewed on YouTube more than 100,000,000 (Million) times – growing now by 8 Million views every month. Approximately 250K-300K times each day the RC ADVENTURES films are viewed. On top of all of that mumbo-jumbo – These stats are only for YouTube, and do not include Vimeo, Metacafe, or other online video hosting sites.

Recently, one of the RCSparks Studio Forum Members mentioned to me that I should post a history of how this website came to be, the “history” of “djmedic2008” – and what the goals of this website are. After some considerations – I believe this is a good thing to do, and to show how Anyone can find success – if you MAKE it happen.

When I was a younger person, in the earlier days of elementary school – I found I was a typical youngster didn’t “fit in” with the others very well. Seemingly, at a young age I developed some sort of “fliberty-jibbit”, or “Cant-sit-still-isms” and by that I mean I was more interested in being “disruptive”, as the Teachers would say. My parents had gone sperate ways while I was young, and I was definitely a more challenging case for these teachers, instructors, leaders, or seemingly – any authoritative person in a group. This didn’t bode well for me in getting friends.

Being a single child, of a single Mom working her tail off to get through University – there was one thing I learned. I was a very creative individual. A “free-spirit” if you will. Art Classes, Drama, Social, they were some of my favourite school classes, as well as writing.
Ironically I wasn’t very good at Math – or other analytical / numerical tasks. It just didn’t seem to “work” for me.

I also appeared to do well with emerging technology. Believe me – being a child of the 1980’s didn’t offer much in the way of technology – as computers were just being developed. By the age of nine, I had developed a keen fascination in technology, and started to explore and discover how things worked. This is a similar story to how other children start to pull stuff apart just to see how it worked, but couldn’t put it back together again. Sighhh, those were challenges for my family! I remember in grade school – I won the 1st Place Medal a Science Fair, for the presentation of “How a Satellite Works”.

It was a great boost of confidence at a young age, and a glimpse of what I could do in the future years.

I was very fortunate to have lived where I did, because when I was about 6 years old, I met my life long friend Ian B. It is a rare treat to have such a good friend for almost 30 years. He would agree with me when I say – We LOVED Technology, and over the first decade of our friendship as children – we had our fair share of entry level RC’s, Robots, and other gadgets we could tinker with. Never anything of “Hobby” level – but a great introduction into the world of imagination.

Well, as the years passed, and “life” introduced new challenges for me – I found myself year in my early 20’s. Living on my own – blazing a trail across my preverbal road of life. I didnt really have a hobby – yet I was getting into the “Clubbing” scene. UGH! This was a challenge all itself! How did I go from being a good young man – swept away in to the world of the After Hours night scene? And on top of it all –

I was a Rave DJ.

An emerging well known local – Me, (“DJ MEDiC” – the DJ Who Can Make ya Feel Good), – was hitting the local circuits around the provinces, holding events, and making 1000’s of party-goers bounce to the beats of Hard Trance and Techno Music. I had finally found acceptance.

Gone were the days of “playing” with RC’s, finicky School, and I was on my OWN! I had a Home studio and was a Pioneer in InterNet Pirate Radio – and I was quickly picked up by 3 Internet Radio Stations! “SpiderWeb radio, NetMix Radio, and Digitally Imported”. Remarkable. I was streaming my music sets LIVE all around the globe. Here is a link to one of my old Biographies. THE DJLIST Heres a brief sample –

My radio show used to be called “DJ MEDiC’s Medication”, and I used to invite new DJ’s to the studio to spin records LIVE for almost two years! A two hour per night / 5 nights per week – live show. I networked with a LOT of people. I hosted Events, Parties, and more. After I had enough – And when I moved away to a place called “Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan” to go back to school – I landed myself an FM Radio spot as a saturday night DJ. A pre-recorded show that was broadcast locally.

Dont let the Make-up in the Picture throw you off – it was all for marketing. Easy to Remember 😉

But I digress. In a blink of an eye, and without much warning I made a life change. I was getting tired of the Party Life..and so feeling “stuck in a rut” – I had moved to Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan – (a town of 4000 pop.), and put myself into a community college. I knew no-one, and separated myself from all I was comfortable with. Part of the reason I did this, is because in my earlier years – I had not finished High School and had been expelled when I was 16 years old. What an embarrassment – and confidence hit! I could go into reasoning here – but really I can sum it up with two words – “Life Is”.

In Meadow Lake at the Age of 24 – and entered into a FULL Year of “Adult Grade 12”. I knew my life had to change – and that even though I had Produced 2 Albums – The albums were my first real accomplishment in the music world – I knew I even had more to offer the world than what I was doing. I just wasn’t sure what that was. Just for giggles – and those interested -Here is a link to one of my older trance songs “Lost In Wonderland

So, I stayed in school – finished my year and Graduated with a Full Grade 12 Diploma. This was a turning point in my life – and offered me more possibilites than I ever imagined. I had surprised myself and graduated with Honours. 94% overall – and I was thrilled. After separating from my club friends for more than a year – I decided it was time to get a career going, and as I had a ton of computer experience from “not being able to afford a technician” over the years – I had been fixing computer equipment constantly for the radio show – forcing myself to learn the intricacies of computers!

For the next 4 Years I worked as a computer repair technician back in Alberta Canada. I learned a lot, and excelled in Managing Clients, Fellow Co-workers, and landed myself a Managers position with a Corporate Computer Networking Group. I was the Client Services Manager, dispatching technicians and heading up Project Management of Infrastructure Implementation. Remarkable. Yet – Terribly boring. I could use my people skills, management skills, and other efficiencies I learned – yet the creativity of the job was not what I needed. So, I went to the Hobby Store – after all those years, I decided I could afford something special!

I went to my local hobby shop – and like so many others before me, and after me – who said those magic “Newbie” words – “I want something that can go FAST, Jump, and Be Very Durable”. All of the Experienced Hobby enthusiasts reading this article – are currently laughing at my words as they read.

This is where it began my friends. I started with a TEAM ASSOCIATED MGT 8.0 Nitro Truck. WHAT A BEAST. Here is a link to the Build Thread – and first EVER post I made on any RC forum! Ironically, I didn’t know how far over my head I was – and the $2000.00 I just spent to get the truck, rigging and all the required upgrade parts, and newbie mistake purchases – was only the beginning.

As I became more knowledgable about my Radio Control Rig, I started Longing to start “Bashing” / Jumping with other RC enthusiasts. It was time to “get off my couch” and start getting out to have some fun. I wanted to meet new people, run with a new crowd – but as most folks know – its not always easy finding a new crowd. So – in my spare time, I would watch other Youtube RC videos. In 2007/2008 the videos were in abundance but High Definition was just becoming an option in video cameras. Also, I noticed that most of the RC videos – were very shaky, and didn’t have much of a “story” to them. I also noticed that there were no such thing as “Build Videos” – a series of videos showing the viewer how to build a Radio Control Kit. There were plenty of “threads” on a forum (topics in a public online chat), that included pictures – but no video. No one was getting on camera to show the world what to do.

As I had already been filming my MGT in action – and had been posting on Youtube. Entry level at best of course – as I had no real experience with filming. Here is the First Video I produced to show off my MGT.

Fairly “Entry Level” as one may expect – but the build of the vehicle and the music I was able to overlay was one of my own produced tracks. “Distortion”. Ironic how the two had come together.

This was to prove a testament to where the RC ADVENTURES truly began.

Soon after learning all I could about the MGT and the way the Youtube community worked – I started uploading more videos – and getting out to have fun! I started meeting new hobby enthusiasts with similar interests- and I started frequenting the Hobby Store. Oh oh… I soon realized I had been bit by the “RC BUG”.. the ADDiCTiON as we hobbyists recognize it to be..

My next Radio Control Rig was an Axial “Rock Crawler”, the Scorpion. This was my introduction to the Rock Crawling and Scale Trailing world. No sooner than I had it in the door – was I pulling it apart to see how it worked! Parts strewn about our dining room table, my girlfriend kissed me ont he fore head and said..”Good night dear”. I didn’t realize it was already Midnight.

That is part the Magic about the Hobby for me.. Something that challenges you, allows you to be creative, and gives you the freedom to escape into your imagination. I dont think it really matters how old a person is – the inherent nature of a human being is curiosity. The RC Hobby allows one to discover and create a seemingly limitless world of control and satisfaction. A hobby where no matter what the problem is – you can fix it.

I continued filming the Rock Crawler – and my MGT, but it occurred to me that No one had filmed a build video series online yet. Youtube had nothing at all, so while working on one of my rigs – I decided to make a plan. I was to approach my local hobby shops and see if I could pitch the idea to the owners – and see if they wanted to financially sponsor 50% of a “Never Been Done Before” online video project. I could offer them exclusive sponsorship, in turn for providing me with product. So, I did just that – and a few phone calls and a meeting later – I was soon shaking hands with my First Ever RC Sponsor. The Truck of choice I was to build, was the Most Difficult – and one I have always desired – the TAMIYA TOYOTA TUNDRA. Here is a picture of the very first day of the new project!! Little did I know what revolution I was starting…

So, here I was – I had a $1000.00 Product sponsorship from the Hobby shop – and I was on my way home to do something that had NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED in the history of Youtube. I was terrified. Now what?!

And so began my plan. I was to build the Biggest, Baddest, Most Beastly RC Scale Trail Truck I had Ever seen.. and I was going to bring everyone along for the ride! I had never been on Camera before – I had never Filmed myself – and on top of it all.. Now I had to learn to edit!! Well, I had a great computer that I had built – and I was bound and determined to do my best. Here was the FIRST Video in the series:

I now get a good chuckle out of watching me struggle though that first episode..! What an ordeal! I had no idea how to attack it.. so I convinced myself to just talk about what I wanted to do! I had to Jump Right in!

I started the series off strong – almost like I was “supposed” to do – what I was setting out to do. I made sure to take as many pictures as I could, as well as having the video camera on a tripod – over my shoulder.
The camera was a Second hand purchase from a friend – but it had one BONUS! 1080p High Definition. On of the very first cameras to offer this technology. Totally Awesome – the Youtube community could now have that option in the very first Build Video. As I was building, I started to research the truck. I used the internet to scour the entire planet for custom parts, Lift Kits, Tires, Electronics, Shocks, You name it – I was searching for it. When all was said and done – I had also spent more than $1000 on the project. This would bring the cost in parts for the RC to a total of just over $2000.

Here is a Link to the Complete Video Series / Build Thread

Upon completion of this project, I felt it necessary to Show the audience what the vehicle was capable of. Heck – even I had no idea – because this was MY FIRST 10th Scale trail truck ever! The one thing I did know – is that I didn’t want it to be like all the “other” shaky videos on the internet. I wanted it to be of quality – and I wanted it to be creatively UNIQUE.

And though this style of video had been attempted by others – I wanted to put the viewer right into the RC ADVENTURES the truck was about to have. We shocked the world – as my filming partner and I completely submersed the vehicle while driving in a river. This was also a pioneering effect – as most of the viewing population had never witnessed an electric RC go underwater, and “survive”.

The following film the very “First” Scale Truck Adventure I created. Though a common looking video – almost “sub-par” this film was a pioneer in its day – and one of the first 100% 1080p HD RC videos available on Youtube. This film has been viewed more than 400,000 times to date.

This video started a revolution for me.. as I started enjoying the responses I was receiving from online communities. Soon I found myself looking forward to going out and filming my RC ADVENTURES. New viewers were responding and starting to get their own RC’s and posting in my forum threads. It was a remarkable experience. I continued to use the newly built Radio Control truck to experiment with different types of filming, angles, and a new style of RC Film I wanted to do – “EPiC”. It seemed to be an upcoming buzz word – and a style I have tried to live my life by. I started scoring my own music, using loops, samples and available royalty free sounds. My Very next release was to be a “Hit”, and I didn’t even know it until I was editing. Most people are familiar with a video I produced called “RC ADVENTURES – THE SWAMP”

This is by far my most viewed and enjoyed video – inspiring hundreds to purchase this truck, to start building a community. The secret of this video was to capture the imagination of the audience and make them “Root” for the little truck that could. With perfect conditions – and a beautiful day – this amazing cult-like video was produced. Now viewed 3 Million times. For those who are wondering – I based this truck off a favourite 1980’s TV show I loved when I was a kid. “Knite Rider”. Accept this time – my TransAm is a BEAST TRUCK! Notice the Red lights in the bumper?

This was the very first film I scored to go along with the trials and tribulations of the truck as it made its way through the unforgiving forest. I had to capture the imagination of the viewers to ensure I put them RIGHT-IN-THE-TRUCK. After a review of this video – most folks can pick out 4 or 5 Favourite moments they have – making this video.. a winning combination.

With the ongoing success of the tundra series – I decided that it was time to branch out. My videos on Youtube, though small in number- where high in quality and my viewing population increased over time. I had about 8000 views per week.. and it held steady. i was getting some great lessons in Youtube phycology, the interaction of humans online, and was able to observe and study – how the Video community truly worked. I noticed that some video producers where incredibly successful – and that some of them had similar traits.

The recession of 2010 had now hit the world, and was just starting to take a hold. Things got tough, people stopped spending and millions of people lost their jobs. I, was one of them. No more were the days of going to work in the morning – now I had a very tough time finding new employment – and was stuck on Unemployment. This sucks – BUT! In life as the say – you need to make Lemonade when handed lemons – and I had just been accepted into a new program from YOUTUBE, called “The Partnership”. Though this program had potential to be awesome, it offers a challenge to make any “real” financial gain. But it could be done, and it was for doing something I loved to do. Work and Have FUN!

Youtube was now offering other Corporate Businesses a chance to advertise on certain producers videos – and in turn – offering producers a chance to make money with their videos. At that time, I estimate I had about 50 videos – and an audience of over 10,000 people per day. Though it wasn’t much extra – I was still having fun producing RC Related videos. In fact – I was even calling Radio Control manufacturers on the phone, and started introducing myself! I let them know who I was, what I was doing to promote the hobby – and to see if they were interested in showing off products. This is not an easy sell. But.. perseverance, dedication and intuition are required – and this is something I have an abundance of.

I continued to film and edit – honing my skills throughout the first year, spending my life savings developing my business – and building a brand. I put myself back into college – and took a variety of Entrepreneurial classes, Marketing classes, and Business Classes such as “Organizational Development”. The whole time I was practicing NEW techniques.. and Pioneering New Cutting edge Software and Technologies – bending the mind of my viewing audience. This was my FIRST attempt at trying Computer Animated effects on my RC Films.

My goal was to create a business unlike any other. I was to follow my dream and put every once of strength, effort and money together – into a business and make it succeed. My business was to show the world how fun, Diverse and inspirational the RC Hobby could be – and I was going to master Social Media Networking to launch my online business to new heights. I didnt even have any product to sell! It was all an intangible product – not even a service. This was something completely unique. So I used my time appropriately, and started learning how Social Media Networking was changing the world. Emerging Gurus such as Gary Vaynerchuck, David Powers, and others were using these networks to show the world what they were doing. I made it my goal to study every success case I could find, every tutorial video I could watch, read every article I could on how to use the internet, and make it work FOR you.

I conducted tests in my videos to see what was working, and what wasn’t. Judging comments, and interactions with others and using the tools that Youtube and other online sources have for everyone to use for free! One just have to find them, learn them, and implement them. Subtle nuances of the internet can make such a big difference in a growing or already established company. They just have to know where to look and what to do.

In 2008, I purchased the domain “”. The reason behind the naming convention had to do with how an internet search engine works, as well as an intrinsic purpose for me! Like Every Shining Star – I wanted this place to SPARK! It was an easy choice for me – “RC SPARKS”! “RC Adventures” had already been taken by another world user – so I “made lemonade” and created something UNIQUE! So was born the RCSparks Studio.
Now I had to make a website. The website was to be a focal point for visitors to showcase the work I had done. I had never made a website before – this was back in 2009. I signed on with a hosting company and started to teach myself HTML, so I could manipulate the templates to try and make what I wanted. I am very thankful for that experience, as for over a 1 year period I taught myself how to code. I was no pro, but I could make my way around MY site ok. But – truthfully, my page was rather static, and though it was a good attempt for my first site – needed updating.

My motto in life has always been “Do it for the Fun of it, and the Rest will Follow”. Wise words that were handed down to me – and I live my life this way. Stay dedicated and passionate about life – follow your dreams and make it happen. Well, we all know how difficult this can be – and only those who persevere make the journey. Well with the help of friends the journey of a new website began in October 2010. It was our goal to ensure that the website was built with a creativity in mind. There were plenty of other RC Forums and websites – what was going to make RCSparks Different?

It was to be built with the CREATIVE people in mind. A place where anyone who wanted a safe haven to get away from the world could come to find a smile or two. It had to reflect the aggressive nature of the hobby, life and the way the world works – but had to also have the RESPECT of fellow hobbyists and people alike. I wanted a website that welcomed every visitor and made them feel at home. BUT – I did not – nor would allow – anything in the design process to be replicated from another site. This design had to be 100% made from scratch – and it was up to me to do it.

So, the skeleton of RCSparks 2.0 began! It was a heck of a concept.. and has changed and evolved over time.
I never realized HOW much I was about to learn – or HOW much time, effort, dedication and passion goes into a successful world project such as this one. It’s massive. I am the full webmaster of RCSparks and of my Multiple Channels on Youtube, and across the internet.

To think is was only 4 years ago the RCSparks Studio starting pioneering the way for hobbyists around the world to discover how mixing film, Radio Control, and imagination – can reach millions of people around the globe using Youtube!

Now, just a few years after I started working on this – I have built a thriving community – though I work now more than ever – and as I am recognized as a Youtube Quality Content Provider – I continue to make leading edge videos – filming, hosting, and developing an online community all around the world. The below picture shows that my RC Channel ranks #2 in 1.4 MILLION, on Youtube. This number surpasses Every Manufacturer, and RC Magazine, and RC Marketing company video channels in the world. Check out these great numbers on the RCSparks Studio website! To think I dont sell RC Products.. For Shame! Haha :~)

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.07.46 PM

With continued hard work and dedication – my Youtube viewership is continuing to grow and flourish as I continue to strive to bring my viewers the BEST SHOW I can.

Staggering rise in Views

The below picture highlights my top viewed videos – over 11 of them surpassing 1 Million+ views to date. 90 Videos are now over 100,000+ views each. Thats over 30% of my productions. Isn’t math fun?! Lol, Truly Amazing & astounding. The Radio Control Hobby is becoming more and more healthy by the day.

Top Viewed Videos as of January 2013

This website site is built for the hobby enthusiast. I encourage you to explore more areas of this website, and discover why it is as unique as I mention. The concept is simple. Promote Yourself as an Artist, Have Fun, and discover something new here each day..

** Forum Member “Krankillen”, proudly flying his RCSparks Colours in Sweden!

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TO ALL OF THE RCSparks Studio Visitors:

I have built this place for you my friends – Use it as inspiration to follow YOUR dreams, to set and reach YOUR goals.. and most of all my friends ~

Love Every Minute Of It 🙂

See you on the trails!

Aaron / “djmedic2008” / RCSparks