SUPERMAN RAMP – CEN GSTE Colossus 4×4 Monster Truck takes flight

What a great rig this is! My buddy Everett wanted to take his CEN GST-E Monster Truck out and give it a whirl in our bashing area. I trimmed up the video to keep the parts I know you all would like to see. Starting it off easy, and working his way into it – Everett starts off with the table top, and then on to the Superman Ramp. It takes guts to hit this ramp with your RC, as you know that if it launches.. more then likely, you are going to have something broken. So it’s completely FULL Throttle the whole way.. if you are gunna risk it.. may as well be an epic ride!

The CEN GST-E (Electric) 1/8th Scale Monster Truck really is powerhouse.. and held together like a champ!

Awesome Job Everett! Thanks for the SHOW!