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RC Airplane Crash Compilation 2011

crash and crash RC plane.

RC Airplane Meets Tree – E-flite Apprentice 15e Maiden Flight and Crash with On-board HD Camera

RCSparks Studio Photography

This was my first time flying a an RC airplane, although I had been flying RC helicopters for over 6 months, had over 30 hours of private pilot training, and…
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Using a Craft Cutter to Cut RC Airplane Film

A demonstration on how I use a scrap booking cutter to make designs and cut them out of monokote or ultracoat.

RC airplane made from mostly garbage

Everything not electronic was a sole product of my imagination. The airfoil is my own design also with a shape calculated from NASA’s Foilsim program. The bo…
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Rc airplane parachute jump 2010 Jan

RCSparks Studio Photography

Rc airplane parachute jump 2010 Jan.
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Radio Control RC Airplane Wall Hanger Storage Rack System

I had all of these airplanes and two others laying around in my garage. I found these nifty airplane hangers online ( and bought two. N…
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