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RC Airplane Bungee Launcher – Ritewing ZII Flying Wing

RCSparks Studio Photography

Watch in 1080p!

Mid Air Collision – RC Airplane Dogfight

See a Killer Plane’s Crashproofed Dynam Hawk Sky spar with a Killer Plane’s Crashrpoofed HawkFighter. Good times! (Unless you’re Tim’s wing…)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

RC Airplane – BB J3 Cub – Dollar Tree Foamie – RCGroups

The Blu-Baby (BB) / J3 Cub Scratchbuilt from RCGroups (via user BlueFFF) Plans / Information: EMax282…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

RC airplane brushless motor with hall sensors

Датчики холла установлены между 2-х зубьев каждой из обмоток. обмотка типа DLRK. Двигатель turnigy rotomax 1.20 имеет 24 полюса и 28 магнитов.

RC AIRPLANE CRASH !!! Hawker Sea Fury , Big Scale RC Model , failed landing *HD*

More RC Movies on my Channel: Schöne RC – Hawker Sea Fury. Leider ist bei der Landung das Fahrwerk abgebrochen…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hobbyzone Champ RTF Micro RC Electric Airplane (Beginner) Review – First Flight

First flight of the Hobbyzone Champ RTF micro RC airplane as a first-timer flying RC airplanes.