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corona rc fpv blade 350qx 5.8ghz

corona rc fpv flight around the feild with blade 350qx.

WLtoys V913 2.4G 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter LCD Controller

link on this Heli:!W25080879322012105Z Description: Item Name: WLtoys Large Single Blades RC Helicopter Heli Size :7…
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E-flite Blade 450X Review – Part 1, Intro and Flight

For transitional helicopter pilots, a powerful, affordable, and agile 450-sized CP is a highly attractive solution. Add to that the elimination of lengthy as…
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Blade 300X Helicopter Throttle Curve change and Test Flight by ~NightFlyyer~.

I learned the hard way over 30 years ago to fly heli’s, so the new Blade 300x had me intrigued enough to buy one to see what all the hoopla was about. I don…

Blade 180 QX von Horizon Hobby/E-flite

Der Quadcopter von Horizon Hobby/E-Flite Blade 180 QX im FMT-Test Horizon Hobby/E-Flite Blade 180 QX in a german test.

Cutting Edge Hobbies, Blade 350 QX Flight, Ferndogg310

See the American flag on this video, you can tell it was a very windy day. The Blade 350 QX can handle wind since it has many stability features. My GoPro3 t…
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