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nitro rc boat 2

better run but still teething probs.
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Introducing, Gerrys new build.. Sea Bird! RC Jet boat, Awesome!!!

Went to go run my Jetboat after the comp today and ran into my friend Gerry at this spot. Checked out his new setup and ran up the creek a bit, Enjoy! Music:…
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Aquacraft Revolt 30 brushless FE boat reviewed

Like URC on Facebook! See you at ! I’m just an independent RC fan who loves tinkering with these …

Genesis rc boat 6s

Genesis rc boat 6s

First test run on 6s.
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1st 720 in a rc jet boat

my 7 yr old Jesse rips a 720 in Death Tunnel Pass. His boat was not working so he had ago of mine and showed me how its done! onya son!
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Full Throttle Nitro tunnel rc boat

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