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Thunder Tiger Ghost quadcopter drone fun fly with an almost near fatal crash

TTRobotix GHOST fun fly at night with a near miss crash.

GoPro HERO HD takes a CRASH!

We have detailed information and an active Forum on our website homepage: Please drop in and see what others are saying about this! . .
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quadcopter FPV crash

Accidentally flew it out of range… 😐 Damage: -Frame: Bent central plate, 1 broken arm, 2 bet arms, broken battery holder. Requires rebuild. Repair cost: 1…

Amazing Race Car CrAsH~ fLiP_ In-car camera view

This is my friend Eddie from Alta Nissan racing in some Nissan series~ I find it hilarious how he fixes his rear-view mirror and just drives off as if nothin…
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Giant RC Airplane Crash

This 1/4 Scale Bearcat model was destroyed during the first flight test. Structural failure of the outer wing panels caused the crash which was due to excess…
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RC Airplane – Spitfire Magnum .52 El Mirage, CA – Maiden Flight Crash

Maiden Flight – unfamiliar with engine trim and couldn’t slow it down comfortably. After four attempts and a gust of wind, put it down in the ditch. Fortunat…
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