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HPI Baja Flip and Crash Compilation

A small Compilation video of my recorded Flip and Crash’s of local bashers baja’s . Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod ( for the music. (http://…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

RC Powerboat Racing: Crash Compilation

2012 Model Power Boat Association Fast Electric Nationals. As anyone that’s ever watched these guys race will attest, crashes are very rare at this level. Th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nitroplanes P-51’s Over Orlando – Crash

This Nitropanes P-51 is a tough plane….it took a midair and kept on flying!

RC Maiden Flight – Crash – Redemption Flight

RC Maiden Flight - Crash - Redemption Flight

Tai figured it out and gets back into the air!!!! Nice job Tai!!!
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RC Maiden Flight – Crash

A new guy stopped by…tried to tell him the slowstick stuff…but he seemed hell bent on flying…so I videotaped him!!!! Hang in there Ty!!!!

EXPLOSIVE CRASH rc turbine jet

big loss wen a failure Plane lost control. gear or radio cause the inreparable crash with fire sad loos. coolest thing about model jets is the realistic expl…