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Crawler Teds Garage – Super class crawler test run

Hey guys ! We have a bit of interest in the Super class this season . Probably be half a dozen or so trucks . This is what most of them will setup like , Xr axles , This one is running TRCC…
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Crawler Teds Garage – Giveaway #3 Winner !!

Crawler Teds Garage - Giveaway #3 Winner !!

Alright !! Here it is ! CTG Giveaway #3 Winner ! Im a little late on the giveaway date here , My bad :( Been a busy couple weeks but we are back up and running at CTG !! Anyway , the winner…

Custom RedCat RS10 rockslide RC Crawler review!!

In this video I go over some problems your going to have right out of the box & how to solve or prevent them!
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Crawler Teds Garage – Nylint Body on a Summit

How cool is this ? I had to grab a short vid of it cause I have never seen one before and it is Badass ! Mounted to a Summit of course , Looks great . It was…
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RC CWR Axial AX-10 in The New Rock Crawler Video

Heres a little something new for all those rock crawlers out there, Will and I put our own twist on a rock crawling video. Let us know what you think, really…
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rc crawler homemade steel drive shaft