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HMM RC Maiden Flight Pilot RC 26% Extra 260 Electric Conversion.wmv

Maiden Flight Pilot RC Extra 260 Electric Conversion.
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My New Rc Car (Venom 1/10 scale Jim Beam Electric Car) !!!!!!!!!

This is just me drifting in my new venom rc electric 1/10 scale car…. im had fun making it hope u have fun watching it… Rate , comment and subscribe.

HBX 4WD Electric RC Buggy

The Car is from Seben-Racing and in this video it is using 7.2 volts 3200amh battery. Please comment and subscribe.
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Self made electric RC boat run #2

Also watch my speedboat at 129km/h crashing! Another run with a close up of the boat in the beginning. Moved the b…

T-28 Flying only! NitroPlanes “AirField” Trojan w Electric Retracts.

Please Read*.. A Beautiful Airplane and 12 servos too! See my previous video from a couple of days ago to see the insides, build with an on board Camera and…

4D rc indoor electric plane

thes 4D plane was developed especially for the use with a Variable-Pitch-Prop. The Centre-Prop design with the VPP (or propeller) in the middle of the fusela…
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