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Cheap RC Tire Chain Tutorial – How To DIY

WOW! Get it while its hot! I just released this video tutorial on “How to make Tire Chains” for your RC Scale 4×4 Truck. This way cost me only about $30.00 in Chain – and thats becuase I purchased a lot of it. You would be able to get away with about $18-$20. Now that you know HOW to do this, please be responsible with the way you use it! I use these chains on SLOW moving vehicles. I DO NOT suggest this for High Speed vehicles. Mis-use of any RC Product can cause harm, so please be a responsible RC’r!

Have Fun my fellow RC ADDiCTS.. and don’t pack up those trail Trucks. The Season is JUST Beginning!!

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Teds Garage – Ryan Supports “Mo-vember”

Too Classic! “Movemeber”is another word for Mustaches in November, in support of Men Getting their… Well it has to do with Finding a cure for Cancer! Folks all around the world show support by growing a HUGE mustache. Great to See folks being a good sport about it! Apart from the Porno-stache.. Ryan also shows the RC ADVENTURES viewers how to lower the center of gravity on a Rock Crawler using wheel weights. Double thumbs up for this EXTENDED version of TEDS GARAGE!


Project Overkill: Black Tundra Rising

For 19 Episodes, you patiently watched in amazement as I constructed the most EPiC and unique build videos online. For 8 long months, you saw the project evolve from an Axial SCX10 Dingo – into the RCSparks Mammoth Dually: Project Overkill. Four Tekin FXR ESC’s and Four 35t Brushed Motors – all tie into a Dual Transmission system that drives 6 Tires.. mounted on an Extended Custom Rude Boyz Fabricated Chassis. A 1/10 Scale GMC TopKick Pulling MACHINE.

How can I make this film any more EpiC?! By Re-introducing the truck that started it all.. The Black Tundra.

UK Scale Nationals 2011 – J.Scott Curlin Reporting

Written by: J. Scott Curlin (AceofAxe)
Pictures by: Chris Dickinson ( and Peter Gray (RRCI)

UK Scaler Nationals, 2011

Friday, Sept 30 2011, I was packing up my car to head to my first R/C Scaler competition. Not knowing what to expect or what would be available, I loaded down my car with everything I thought I might need. To say I went overboard would be an understatement. I brought enough food and drinks to feed an army. I brought every spare part I had for my trucks. I loaded up my trusty SCX-10 and the newly converted AX-10 to SCX-10. Of course I couldn’t leave the Slash or all the spares for it behind. Now, 2 hours behind schedule with a 3 hour drive in front of me, I set off.


RCSparks Introduces PM Hobbycraft

Hello to all of the RC ADDiCTS of the world! My friends.. you know Im always travelling about, reporting on different hobby stores that I visit. Well, I think it would be appropriate to show you a little of my own “back yard”. Folks are always asking me where I get my stuff from, and due to an over-whelming popular request – I will show you.


DIY – I make a Rolling Work Bench for the Studio

Well my friends, a lot of us need moving work benches in our hobby rooms – and I figured in the new garage.. I might as well start slapping one together. Now, Ive never actually made one before.. but how hard can it be! This starts a new Mini-series on my shenanigans while having fun putting a project together. Enjoy!

Click Below for Second Video!