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Ted’s GARAGE – Uncensored & Extended Version

Ahhhh, yes.. The Infamous “Ted’s Garage”. Simply put – an RC Rock Crawlers Haven. Put into a complex ideology – “Ted’s Garage” is a melting pot of how the RC world and the human organism comes together to make a unique experience. The regulars of Ted’s garage, are not surprised by seeing a video such as the one listed below – but others can see the magic. So limited in discovery – a place of camaraderie, competition, ambition, defeat, succession, and family. Isn’t that what the hobby is truly about? Read more below..


Axial Wraith Motor Access & Upgrades

Ever wanted to Drop a Motor out of a Rock Racer? Holy Smokes , Now ya can! When I first inspected the Axial Wraith, I thought I would have to remove the entire Cage just to get at the motor! Not the case, in fact.. a simple undo of a few bottom plate screws, and the ENTIRE transmission, Drive Shaft Area and Motor drop down for Ease of Use access. Remarkable. I did a short video for you guys.. – See more below..


RC Adventures – All In a Days Work. Bashing, Flying, And Craziness!

For a new concept, and to offer the viewers of RC Adventures something a little “Out of the Ordinary”, I take you guys on a typical day of filming. Starting off with a trip to the flying field with my friends, then racing of to the bashing grounds for some racing and big air action… ending the day off with a trip to one of the lARGEST hobby stores in Canada! I hope you enjoy this production, as it shows just how much work and fun goes into making a great RC ADVENTURE Flick!

Celebrating 250 Episodes of RC ADVENTURES

RC ADVENTURES Intro Picture- By

WOW! Can you image?! Two Hundred and Fifty episodes later, and over 16 MILLION viewers. What a wonderful experience!

It’s hard to think i have been creating RC Film for more than 2 1/2 years now – and most amazing things I have seen on my Journey. I have always done my best to show the world how much fun, and how dynamic this hobby truly is. I have met some incredible people, with stunning machines. I have witnessed strangers become friends, families become united, and I have even had the pleasure of being smack in the middle of an incredible technical revolution. Social Networking. This means more to me than just the cyber-links we are all building to each other, my focus has been on actual Human Social Networking by using RC as a forum for ideas, revolutionary visions and mechanical engineering.


The Axial Wraith Arrives at RCSparks Studios

RCSparks Studio Captures an Axial Wraith

WOW!! My friends, what a BEAUTIFUL MACHINE!

Late last evening, the Axial Wraith was delivered to the studio by UPS. It was like a scene from an EPiC Feature Film.. – Picture it: It was 8:30pm, and had been POURING RAIN all day, and all week. I was sitting in the studio, editing my latest RC ADVENTURE and my ears perked up to the sound of squeaky breaks – stopping just outside my office.


The ART of an RC Movie – By RobscoRC

Once every couple of weeks, the RCSparks Studio has the privilege of posting an Article written specifically for us by one of our Senior Members and most experienced RC video production crew. Well this week is a special treat as ROBSCORC does a great write up for the viewers and visitors – discussing his process of production.. Enjoy my friends!