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Denato Family RC Update 02

This is a update on the channel and some upcoming new projects that are in the works. dollarhobbyz_2 on Ebay ControlledWi…
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Jetlag2222 The REVO family takes a run

REVO 3.3 5309, Brushless E-REVO, E-REVO VXL… What else do I need to say? lol. The REVO line is incredibly fun to drive and to own no matter which model you…
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My FIRST Water Landing .. in the WIND?! Ha ha :-)

Part of the reason I do this hobby, is to see what limits I can push. I have the good fortune of being able to try out all different types of gear that I get in the studio – and that gives me the ability to Modify, upgrade, downgrade and try all sort of neat things. Well, this super cub is one of the products that I love. Been using the Cubby for years – and this one in the video is 5th generation for me. BUT! One of the things I have never done – was to go and land on a lake…. (more…)

Scale 4×4 Trucks – TTC 2011 – LOST FILES – PART 1 – Hill Climb – 30 Minutes

My Very good friend and former TTC Champion “TRACAR” from Edmonton Alberta did myself and the viewers of RC ADVENTURES a great deed – providing me with UNSEEN footage of the RCSparks TTC from 2011. I have had this footage for the last 8 Months.. waiting for the frigid cold months of winter to grip the Northern part of the world. Now I am able to unleash this madness for you to enjoy.. and though my part of the world is covered in Snow right now.. I can still release this FUN and fantastic video for you to enjoy!

This video is of the HILL Climb that featured Scale 4×4 Off Road vehicles.. and many of my good friends. Crawler Ted, Krazy Joe, Ian Byers, Neil, Scott, and SO MANY other great competitors and friends.. including our videographer TRAVIS from Edmonton Alberta. If It wasnt for him, we would not have this video to enjoy!

Big props.. and I hope you have a great time watching, and maybe even working on your own rigs while you play this video in the background!

LEARNING HOW TO DRIFT – PART 6 – SOME Skillz.. Linking, Figure 8, Tight Circles

Today I unveil my new NISSAN GT-R BODY. What Do you think? Brian, Ted and I start challenging our skills by drifting our first Figure eight. Not as easy as some may seem.. but our skills are starting to progress slowly. Our control is beginning to take shape as we are now able to avoid each other (for the most part) and we are able to get a handle of the sway characteristics of our individual cars.

I have upgraded my servo to a Hitec 7955TH High Speed, High Torque Servo, and added a light kit. Also, I have added 1OZ of lead to the front nose of my HPI Sprint 2 Flux. I have a look at my wheels on camera at the end of the film.. so you can see my wear patterns… This is basically so you guys (who have been following) can see what kind of surface area I have been able to get with my wheel settings.

Brians Blue car.. has NO locked Differentials, while mine has bother Front and Rear Diff, completely seized. Teds.. I think has the Rear locked. a great overview of the type of styles for all to enjoy.

What do you think? I know we are getting better.. and look forward to episode 7 of this series.. !