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Parkzone VisionAir BNF RC 3D Demo Flight

Parkzone VisionAir BNF Demo Flight. Available at
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Syma F4 RC helicopter : A short uncut flight

A short flight using the Syma F4 with take off and landing. The Syma F4 is a single blade 3 channel 2.4ghz RC helicopter. It’s sutiable for beginners to fly …

Test flight Aerosky H100 Quadcopter w/multiwii 2.2

Since this was my birthday gift I wasn’t supposed to be flying it until the 19th, but after almost two weeks of late nights trying to tune the stupid multiwi…
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E-flite Blade 450X Review – Part 1, Intro and Flight

For transitional helicopter pilots, a powerful, affordable, and agile 450-sized CP is a highly attractive solution. Add to that the elimination of lengthy as…
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Syma – X5C Explorers – Review and Flight (Indoors and Outdoors)

Link to buy from Banggood: RTF () –…

Hydroplane Gemini RC MAIDEN FLIGHT (гидрошняга первый полёт)

Покупная гидрошняга на просторах Озера Долгое (-). Pilot – yakav Operator – MAGICIAN (PABAH) Camera – Samsung Galaxy SIII Editor – VideoPad free.
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