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TEDS Garage – Home to AWESOME Rock Crawlers

Once in a while I get to view how amazing RC is becoming. The Family / Club type of attitude is sweeping the world.. and TEDS Garage is one of the main contributing reasons that RC hobbyists world wide are beginning to make their own Home courses, start their own clubs.. and opening their doors to other friends, family and stingers to get together.. Just to have fun. It goes beyond the ability to just work magic with Mechanical Engineering.. it goes beyond being able to impress others with your stunning rigs.. and goes beyond the limitless options that RC can give you. Its about meeting new friends.. and just being able to re-discover the meaning of fun!

A NEW Year is Upon us! Good-bye 2011 – Hello 2012!

HAPPY HAPPY New Year to ALL of our RC ADDiCT FAMILY! JEM and I wanted to leave this video set for you.. as our Last of 2011! What a Great Year it has been .. and we look forward to entertaining you all in 2012!

Wishing you Health, Prosperity and of course – many hours of FUN! WE <3 YOU ALL! Enjoy :-)


Hello to all of the RCSparks Studio visitors! Welcome to the community! I have posted the above video as a small token of my appreciation for all of your support and kind comments this year! You are all wonderful folk, and I am thankful for what this site, and this community has become. It is truly a privilege to host it for you :)

Have a Wonderful Holiday and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

RCSparks Studio Forum Upgrade Announcement

Upgrades will begin December 20th. Finished By January 1st.

Hello My fellow RC ADDiCTS!

In an attempt to continue providing you with one of the best websites I can – I have paid an external company to Upgrade our FORUM version to the latest software from VBulletin. The Website Home page and blog WILL BE AVAILABLE During the upgrade process. I have also paid to ensure that you will be able to connect with Facebook, and Access the forum THROUGH YOUR FACEBOOK! This is only the TIP of the proverbial Iceberg in new functions – SO!! Lots of neat things on the horizon for the New Year – This is a $500.00 upgrade, that will offer many new features to our growing community! I think it will be worth every penny.


Another RC ADDiCT Impresses the RCSparks Studio!

Incredible. the Viewers of the RC ADVENTURES series made by the RCSparks Studio – are just incredible people. Forum user and fellow RC Addict – “Ka12nage” shows off his building and analytical skills in the video above. Taking a lesson from the “Project Overkill” build the RCSparks studio constructed in late 2011, Ka12nage brings a new perspective to how folks can help each other out! Some great ideas, commentary and instructions come out of this video, and deserves to be shared. GREAT JOB.

Enjoy my friends.

Bass Line Music Christmas Specials! “Sneaker & The Dryer”

KICK IT RECORDINGS – The Official Music Partner of the RCSparks Studio.

RCSparks Studio visitors have a Special Gift from Sneaker & The Dryer BELOW!