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“Nothing But the Wind” – Sailing on a Sunny Afternoon

About a week ago, one of my good friends mentioned to me that there was to be some sail boat races taking place in the far South end of our city. I was certainly intrigued as I have been wanting to branch out and really delve into the work and world of Radio Control. Boating is something I have always been interested in, and this seemed like a great opportunity to see what RC Sailing was about! Upon arriving to the Sailing port – I was met by a boats Captain, Ken H.

Unfortunately he told me that the sailboat races had been postponed. BUT – I have to say it was worth the trip as Ken had a remarkable sailboat on site, and was piloting it around the pond. So! Out came my Camera, and I took the very first boating video this Studio has done! Continue Reading below.


RC ADVENTURES – Paint Tutorial – Dually Build Update

So many people have asked me to do a Painting Tutorial on my gradient effect with spray paint – Since I was painting my new GMC TopKick body, to fit my Extended SCX10 Frame.. I figured it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t show you guys how I do it! So by popular request.. I present an RCSparks Studio BODY PAINTING TUTORIAL!

Ted’s GARAGE – Uncensored & Extended Version

Ahhhh, yes.. The Infamous “Ted’s Garage”. Simply put – an RC Rock Crawlers Haven. Put into a complex ideology – “Ted’s Garage” is a melting pot of how the RC world and the human organism comes together to make a unique experience. The regulars of Ted’s garage, are not surprised by seeing a video such as the one listed below – but others can see the magic. So limited in discovery – a place of camaraderie, competition, ambition, defeat, succession, and family. Isn’t that what the hobby is truly about? Read more below..


Axial Wraith Motor Access & Upgrades

Ever wanted to Drop a Motor out of a Rock Racer? Holy Smokes , Now ya can! When I first inspected the Axial Wraith, I thought I would have to remove the entire Cage just to get at the motor! Not the case, in fact.. a simple undo of a few bottom plate screws, and the ENTIRE transmission, Drive Shaft Area and Motor drop down for Ease of Use access. Remarkable. I did a short video for you guys.. – See more below..


RC Adventures – All In a Days Work. Bashing, Flying, And Craziness!

For a new concept, and to offer the viewers of RC Adventures something a little “Out of the Ordinary”, I take you guys on a typical day of filming. Starting off with a trip to the flying field with my friends, then racing of to the bashing grounds for some racing and big air action… ending the day off with a trip to one of the lARGEST hobby stores in Canada! I hope you enjoy this production, as it shows just how much work and fun goes into making a great RC ADVENTURE Flick!

Celebrating 250 Episodes of RC ADVENTURES

RC ADVENTURES Intro Picture- By

WOW! Can you image?! Two Hundred and Fifty episodes later, and over 16 MILLION viewers. What a wonderful experience!

It’s hard to think i have been creating RC Film for more than 2 1/2 years now – and most amazing things I have seen on my Journey. I have always done my best to show the world how much fun, and how dynamic this hobby truly is. I have met some incredible people, with stunning machines. I have witnessed strangers become friends, families become united, and I have even had the pleasure of being smack in the middle of an incredible technical revolution. Social Networking. This means more to me than just the cyber-links we are all building to each other, my focus has been on actual Human Social Networking by using RC as a forum for ideas, revolutionary visions and mechanical engineering.