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Syma – S6 Mini (so-called “World’s Smallest RC Helicopter”) – Review and Flight

Syma - S6 Mini (so-called

This is my review of the Syma S6 Mini, 3ch coaxial infrared nano helicopter. They claim this is the “World’s Smallest”, but it is bigger than the Silverlit N…

Protocol Large Eagle Jet Radio Control Helicopter

Protocol Large Eagle Jet Gyro 3.5 Remote Control Helicopter RC Helicopter Gyroscopic stabilizer for precise, omni-directional flight and Bright, flashing mul…
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The Latest SYMA 4CH S800G RC Helicopter Demo-

For more, please check: Join our video contest now, win a big surprise: The Latest 2012 New arrival Syma S8…
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QS8008 RC Helicopter Setup Demo Tutorial

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Hacking a $20 Toy Helicopter into an Autonomous Drone

We chat with Kyle Moore, a member of the Stanford Robotics Club, about his project that converts cheap remote-controlled toy helicopters into autonomous dron…
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Insane RC helicopter

alan szabo jr in las vegas. this guy is fun to watch.
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