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RCSparks Studio Forum Upgrade Announcement

Upgrades will begin December 20th. Finished By January 1st.

Hello My fellow RC ADDiCTS!

In an attempt to continue providing you with one of the best websites I can – I have paid an external company to Upgrade our FORUM version to the latest software from VBulletin. The Website Home page and blog WILL BE AVAILABLE During the upgrade process. I have also paid to ensure that you will be able to connect with Facebook, and Access the forum THROUGH YOUR FACEBOOK! This is only the TIP of the proverbial Iceberg in new functions – SO!! Lots of neat things on the horizon for the New Year – This is a $500.00 upgrade, that will offer many new features to our growing community! I think it will be worth every penny.


Another RC ADDiCT Impresses the RCSparks Studio!

Incredible. the Viewers of the RC ADVENTURES series made by the RCSparks Studio – are just incredible people. Forum user and fellow RC Addict – “Ka12nage” shows off his building and analytical skills in the video above. Taking a lesson from the “Project Overkill” build the RCSparks studio constructed in late 2011, Ka12nage brings a new perspective to how folks can help each other out! Some great ideas, commentary and instructions come out of this video, and deserves to be shared. GREAT JOB.

Enjoy my friends.

Bass Line Music Christmas Specials! “Sneaker & The Dryer”

KICK IT RECORDINGS – The Official Music Partner of the RCSparks Studio.

RCSparks Studio visitors have a Special Gift from Sneaker & The Dryer BELOW!


JEM & Pinky – Modern Day RC Icons

JEM & Pinky have been an integral part of the RCSparks Studio and of the RC ADVENTURES video series. JEM has been piloting Pinky, inspiring RC Hobbyists from all around the world. JEM is seen as a “Leading Lady”in the RC Industry, breaking down old stigmas and Entertaining Millions of people. For more than 3 years we have been filming together to bring viewers the absolute BEST RC Experience they could get! JEM & Pinky.. The RCSparks Studio’s and ALL of the RC ADVENTURiSTS of the World – SALUTE YOU! Thank you for making our RC EXPERIENCE just THAT MUCH BETTER!

RCSparks is going to DRIFT! HPI Sprint 2 Flux Unboxing

My Friends! I love the RC Hobby. is so vast with endless possibilities. One of those possibilities has got this RC ADDiCT hooked on the potential to drrrift! I broke down and brought a HPI Sprint Flux into the RCSparks Studio. IM SO STOKED! A Belt driven power system and a ton of fun in potential. This is the start of a beautiful thing! If you want to have a look at what I’m up to.. Click the above Videooooo!

“Water Resisting” your Scale RC Trail Truck 4×4 – Cheap!

The most comprehensive tutorial I have ever filmed. I know how important this is to folks, and how many hobbyists want to run their Radio Control trucks and cars in the Mud, Water, Snow, and Ice. This complete tutorial will cover the Axial SCX10 trail truck. Many of these tips can be applied to every electric RC. This is only advice, and I warn you that Modding, or running ANY RC in water can Void a warranty. If you mix water and electricity, you always run the risk of ruining your RC’s. So please be aware this video is discussing experiences I have had. Use this advice at your own risk.. but if your prepared to run your rigs in water – may as well do your best to protect them :-) This video is for entertainment purposes only. Wanna Chat about the Techniques used in this video? Click HERE to view the forum Posting / open discussion.