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Ambulance action movie

Ambulance in Italy.
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RC Thunder Tiger Ducati Bike POV movie.

Another movie with my little USB camera attatched to my head with a post office rubber band. To windy for flying today so I thought I’d give the bike a spin….

Fastest rc boat in the world ? 200MPH (kidding) ,MindXpander the full movie

Before writing shitty comments as thats no way 200 Mph… mind that the speed record for a gas mono boat is around 80 Mph, or 130 Kph, this boat does 90 Kph,…
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The making of Blue Thunder the movie. By: NightFlyyer

In 1981, I was asked to fly my Byron F-16 in the Movie Blue Thunder. John Simone was the National Helicopter Champion then and owned and operated the company…

Traxxas SPARTAN || SHORT MOVIE – with Music || [1080p]

Traxxas SPARTAN || SHORT MOVIE - with Music || [1080p]

Hey guys and welcome to another pretty complex Movie! Today with the Traxxas Spartan, driving it on 6s LiPo. So these shots I took in the very early morning!…

Hpi Knight Bullet Movie trailer

Bashing in the night with my Hpi Bullet ST (copy) fitted with LED lights. Recommended sites off my SUB4wall http://www…
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