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CRAZY RC Nitro Buggy Jump~ Kyosho Inferno big-air and Crash!!!!!

RCSparks Studio Photography

We setup a few ramps on an abandoned road and followed our Nitro Buggy with a fisheye_ The last jump and crash sequence was a total fluke~ we couldn’t believe the car landed on its wheels and…

3D Profile Nitro RC Plane Balsa

A really nice plane and fying with some wind no problem Like and Subscribe RCSparks Studio Photography
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mats nitro crap boat

RCSparks Studio Photography

rc nitro boat.


This was the JBRL Nitro series round 6 2012. The event was held at Chula Vista Racing Club in Chula Vista, CA. VISIT THE EGYPTSEAN PRODUCTIONS WEB PAGE TO ME…
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My vhaul nitro rc boat

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Unfreezing a Nitro RC Engine: 1 Easy Step

My Traxxas nitro vee boat has been in the closet for about 5 or 6 years. I decided to get it out and the motor was frozen. Just remove the glow plug and spra…