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RC Boat GTG White pine, SPEED BOATS!

What an amazing turn out down at White pine beach today. I tried to film a bit of everyones boats so I hope I got yours. Enjoy all! Music Artist:Markovich AM…
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Exceed RC Vyper Electric Fiber Glass Speed Boat

This is the new Exceed Racing 24 in. Fiberglass Electric RC Boat. Highly detailed features make this boat one of a kind. Measuring over 24 inches long and fe…

funjet ultra world speed record foam rc plane 423 kmh

funjet ultra world speed record foam rc plane 423 kmh

on a strong windy day with the wind in my back while diving. second flight that day i snapt off one of the ailerons i think it could not handel the force nex…
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RC Plane Pirate Delta Wasp Fast Wing With High Speed CRASH

Bad crash this time. Plane was fine though seems pretty indistructable. The battery ended up 15 yards from the plane but was ok. 28 inch wing span 12mm Epp w…
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Speed Cobra rc plane

Wing span:1400mm .61 Two Stroke Glow Engine.
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Cheap R/C Boating $60 FT009 RC Speed Boat Unboxing

This boat can be had for -60 shipped to your door. If you ever thought about RC Boating but don’t want to make a huge investment until you know you enjoy …