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Tamiya TT02 Carrera RSR First Run – UrbanRcLA

Hey Please Check out my Facebook @ ​​ Love this Tamiya TT02 Carrera RSR that I custom built. Due to the overwhelming reque…
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RC Ruta Tamiya CC01 Mitsubishi Pajero y Jeep Wrangler TJ HD

De ruta embarrada por el C.I.C.C.A.R. con WillysMB, un momento muy agradable.
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RC4WD Trail Stomper with my Tamiya Hilux body.

My newest rig. Just a bit let down with how stiff the suspension is. Hope I can make it work. Thanks for watching.
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Modified Tamiya Grasshopper run 5 – Maxamps 9.6v Nimh

I put my Maxamps 9.6v Nimh battery in & it finally wheelies on demand! Links to previous videos of this car are below: overview &…
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TAMIYA MINI 4WD MALAYSIA RACE Highlight (Merdeka Race) 30th August 2014

Join Us : TAMIYA MINI 4WD 2014 (Private Merdeka Race Highlight Venue: Medini Mall Mala…

Tamiya mk1 golf project

RCSparks Studio Photography

Our Tamiya m05 is final done like comment and subscribe for more vids RCSparks Studio Photography
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