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Check this Out – A New ULTIMATE Beast by RCSparks community Member: KRANKiLLEN!

The RC Hobby is growing in numbers and fans daily. It is simply AMAZiNG what enthusiasts are coming up with these days. “Krankillen” as he is known as on the RCSparks Forums.. (Real Name: Torbjörn Kjellberg), from Lidköping, Sweden – has come up with a STUNNiNG new look to the Tamiya Toyota Tundra Highlift 4×4 Truck. His Modification to the entire rig is simply spellbinding.. and leaves the imagination wondering where he came up with this idea. Well, exclusive the RCSparks Studio Forums, Krankillen has been building a thread about How he did built this truck. Now – IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, and he has spend many $$ and Much time on this project. You, as a visitor to our site- will get a chance to see this project grow in maturity. I have a link for you below..

All you have to do .. Is Click Right HERE!

4mods – and his Amazing Trail Finder 2 – On the Beach!

This is a great look at a beach located in Vancouver British Columbia. “4mods”, is a Super Moderator here at the RCSparks Studio. Not only has he been a long term hobby enthusiast of all types of Radio Control Fun, but – he has also pioneered the Youtube RC video evolution. Terry Michael, (4mods), was a direct influence on DJMEDiC2008 in the early years of RCSparks, and the now very popular web series “RC ADVENTURES”. In this film Terry demonstrates filming techniques that he has been honing over the years. Clear, concise shots with a fantastic background. It’s all about imagination with RC – and in this film.. one can certainly feel the heat of the sand, the jagged edges of the coral rock, and the light mist coming off the ocean. EXCELLENT JOB Terry, and a Pleasure to Showcase on the front page of RCSparks!

So Today I bought a Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate – Im very Excited!

Well my friends. I am excited to say.. I am the proud Poppa of a Brand new Traxxas Slash 4X4 Ultimate – Mark Jenkins Edition. And What a Beauty it is. For years I have been watching the Traxxas Slash evolve with the use of consumers. Traxxas, known for replicating RC platforms and utilizing their strengths for similar models – have done the same with the Slash series. They have several Models – including a “Platinum Edition”. The “Ultimate” version that I purchased was about $570.00 plus Tax (CAD). I purchased mine at my Local Hobby store, PM Hobbycraft In the above video.. I do not do a review – rather an unboxing of the Radio and Truck. If you want a quick look at what I have.. go ahead and click on the Link above! Enjoy my friends..

A Group Trail Gathering of Friends & RC!

My friends and fellow RC ADDiCTS. RC’ing has a Magic all its own. A Chance to meet New Friends, Gather with fellow RC Hobbyists and to have an all out good time! Nothing better in my opinion.. and is why I participate in Filming the fun to show the World. The camaraderie of a group trail run is hard to beat. Laughing, Fun, and the thrill of the trail is always something I look forward to. In this film.. my friends Krazy Joe, Crawler Ted, Lyle, Barry, Rich, Tim, and my Wife JEM – were all there to enjoy the Sun, the Colors of Summer.. and a Damn GOOD TIME!
And that it was.. I hope you enjoy this film, and it encourages YOU to get out with your friends.. and enjoy some outdoor fun!

CHEAP! 1:8 to 1:5 Conversion – Build a 1/5th MONSTER RC for $300 TOTAL!

1:8th to 1:5th Conversion! For less than $300 I built a full functioning 1:5 Scale RC Truck that is AWESOME. Im super stoked about this easy build.. and I know that I will be getting lots of fun out of this rig – Not to mention the filming opportunities. Im going to upgrade the rig with Rear Steer, Updated Electronics and my own Radio.. but as it sits right now – “Stock” – It has everything it needs to crawl my front steps!



1080HD to Make You Crazy 4 this film – I custom built the Truck, produced a 5 Pt Build Video Tutorial, I flew from Alberta Canada, to California USA, Travelled on location to Scale 4×4 EPiCLY, met new Friends, met with Monstercat Media, Licensed the Music, Flew Home, and Edited for 7 Days. Enjoy my friends. I independently funded this in entirety from promoting my hobby.