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RC Hard Shell Painting Tutorial – PT 1- How-to Paint & Rust Hole Modification

I have never attempted a paint tutorial in this DEPTH before, and I have been asked several times to produce this type of video. While working on the RC4WD Trail Finder 2, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to sit and attempt it for all the RC Hobbyests that need some help or direction in painting their RC Hard Shell moulds! Some of these techniques are usable with lexan bodies and others as well!


RC4WD Trail Finder 2 – 4X4 Toyota Hilux “Mojave” Truck – Build Video 2

In this video I start to assemble the electronics of my RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Trail Truck. This ULTRA Realistic rig is a real treat to work on, and to show off to the Radio Control Enthusiasts here on RCSPARKS!

I used:

Hitec HS-646WP High Torque Servos161oz @ 7.4v

Tekin 35t Brushed Motor & FXR Crawler System


AWESOME! This is MEDiC’s Personal Choice MONSTER TRUCK for the 2012 RC ADVENTURES Season! The Electric Savage Flux HP from HPI Racing is a 1/8 Scale “Bashing/Racing” MONSTER Truck. Its tough design and rugged frame have been impressing me ever since I have seen them cruising the bashing fields in 2011. I must wait NO LONGER.. and I have unleashed the POWER!

In this film, I test out the 6S Lipo Battery capability and run 24 VOLTS to the HPI / Castle “BLUR” ESC and “TORK” 2200kV Brushless motor. I try this both ON and OFF ROAD to put the Hype to the test.. IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! Everything from INSANE Speed.. Standing Backflips, KILLER SUSPENSION and MONSTER POWER .. what more could I ask for!


RC ADVENTURES – RC4WD Trail Finder 2 – 4X4 Toyota Hilux “Mojave” Truck – UnBox & Roller Build

This is my first look at the current Flagship RC Truck from RC4WD, an established leader & manufacturer of Radio Control Hobby Kits & Parts.

The “Trail Finder 2” (TF2), is a 1/10th Electric 4X4 Kit Truck. Model: Mojave Hilux.

Crawler Teds BERG.. CUSTOM Crawler…

From the infamous Crawler Teds Garage.. the Boss Man himself lets loose with a Camera. Ted films his CUSTOM BUILT Berg 2.2 MOA Rock Crawler up close and in detail. Listen to the Canadian King Of Crawling as he reverse-engineers his own RC’s.. It’s unlike anything you have ever seen from Ted before. It is unusual to see the God-father to viewers on this level..

We all thank you Ted.. for this inside look look of your EPiC Comp Crawler!!


Radio Control – Scale Trucks 4X4 in STICKY MUD

Demonstrating the types of shots one can get while filming and driving, by using a 3S Lipo Battery – and Proline Sand Paws 2.2 Tires.. I Blaze away through the stickiest MUD and Swamp I have been able to produce on Camera! a Real treat to be able to slosh around in the goop in a PURPOSE Built RC!