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RCSparks Four-Page Article Published in Premier Issue of VelocityRC Magazine!

I am proud to say that I was asked to write an Article for a Brand New, Digital magazine titled “VRC”, or rather: Velocity RC. Jeff Eveleigh, also known in the RC Industry as “the Pioneer of Extreme RC Film”, and an accomplished Publicist producing media under the pseudonym of XXXMAIN – is one of the Founders of this Great Addition to the hobby community.

With the VRC magazine working with some of the most recognizable and influential people in the RC Industry, I reviewed the content of the Premier issue and accepted the challenge. I have never written for a publishing magazine before, BUT – the topic was one I was familiar with.

The Topic was: “How to Build A Rock Crawler / Trail Course”.

Statement From Tekin Racing to the RCSparks Studio!

Wow, Today the RCSparks Studio receives quite an honour! Jim Campbell, President of TEKIN Inc, (a leader in the manufacturing of RC Electronics) has provided us a statement for the viewers of RC ADVENTURES, and the visitors of our site. The RCSparks Studio has been using Tekin Electronics for the last four seasons!

“The RCSparks Studio continues to amaze us with their Entertaining Videos and Loyal following. The ever-improving quality and fresh angles are getting a lot of attention around the world! This is clearly demonstrated by the number of viewers and people enjoying them.

We congratulate RCSparks and their success. We understand the effort and passion that it takes to achieve this level.

We are proud to be part of the team and look forward to supporting their adventures and rockin build projects in the future!”


Jim Campbell


RC ADVENTURES – EPiSODE 400 – UNPLUGGED – DJ MEDiC & JEM chat with Community Viewers

400 VIDEOS, 34 MILLION VIEWS! SIMPLY AMAZING! THANK YOU! For this Fun occasion, JEM and Myself sit and answer some of the questions that have been asked over the last several years of filming the RC ADVENTURES series on Youtube. It all started with me wanting to have a new hobby.. and to share my experiences with the world. Little did we know what an impact it would have on the hobby community.


PRESENTING: The 3rd RC ADVENTURE film to reach 1 Million Hobby Viewers!

SO SUPER COOL! Not only did I get to release a NEW RC ADVENTURE TODAY… but one of my videos crossed 1 MILLION VIEWS.. this is the 3rd RC video of mine to reach more than 1 Million people.. That is SO NEAT! It’s a pleasure my friends..

Wow, I’m simply astounded and HONOURED! Another RC ADVENTURE video to reach more than 1,000,000 people..! I recall the time of shooting the film fondly.. In July 2010, I remember some of my very close friends asking me if we could go out trailing together, and it was to be a Great day for SUN, FUN & Adventure! Little did we know that our trail excursions were to be watched by more than a million people.. within just a few short years! So SUPER COOL! A special thanks to the boys for putting up with my direction and letting me setup shots for the film! Everyone.. please raise a glass to the Stars of RC ADVENTURES.. If it wasn’t for them.. we couldn’t be entertained!

River Trailing – Scale 4X4 Truck Action

Out on the rocks with Air Filled tires Is a GREAT PLACE to be! Proper power, Navigation, and and Skill can help in these situations – and definitely the proper equipment. This “River Run” is a chance for me to check out how these RC4WD Mickey Thompson TTC tires do. And in my opinion.. I am astounded! I put the truck into tight squeezes, and the most slippery conditions for a spring time environment. And with a little practice.. these tires CHEWED UP THE TRAIL! They did great.. My friends.. Enjoy this RC ADVENTURE!


She’s Done it this time.. PINKY’s in a BIND, and OVERKILL must attempt to SAVE THE DAY… Let us lead you on a True Adventure through the bush of Northern America, while the RCSparks Studio shoots in scale realism. These 1/10th Electric Radio Control, Electric Trucks have been modified with real working suspension, winches, and more .. to better aid in your imagination. Are you ready to have some fun, and lose yourself in a few minutes of story telling? Then just sit back and enjoy the ride along.