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Axial Wraith – It’s Cold Outside!

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Randy Santa Ana – and his Amazing Axial Wraith – braves the COLLLLLD winter and head out for some fun. “Danboard”, as he is known on the RCSparks Studio forums.. is an Animator by trade, and avid RC Enthusiast. This makes for a sick combo as he creates his movies with skill and aptitude. Great job my friend.. just watching this video makes me want to create some hot chocolate and sit by a Fire – Cleaning an RC of Course! My friends.. enjoy this seasonal video! Christmas time is almost upon us!!

NEW AXiAL SCX10 4X4 RTR Unboxing: RCSparks Decals Included!

My friends – the RCSparks Studio is happy to present the new AXiAL SCX10 Honcho Revised and Updated. In this video, I Unbox, and give my initial opinions on what I see. I also do a light, “cross-comparison” to another scale Truck in my studio. I think the new truck looks pretty cool.. and the KIT, well that has potential written all over it! Will I do the kit build? In short – Yes.

Also, as an Added bonus – Axial has added Many of your favorite Rock Crawling, and Trail Crawling websites on the Decal sheet! RCC, Scale Builders Guild, Scalerc4x4, and more!! This is a limited edition run, and is just plain ol’fun !! Enjoy the video my friends 🙂

Interviews with Drivers at TEDS GARAGE

A Special THANK YOU from the RCSparks Studio goes to the Entire Crew at the now Infamous TEDS GARAGE. For years they have let me bring a camera into the club and share their fun with the entire world. Now with all Eyes turned towards this Elite RC Club of Rock Crawling PRO’s – each week they teach new people techniques and inspire Rock Crawling Clubs all around the Globe. To the Members of the Calgary Crawlers and at Teds Garage – I think I can speak for not only myself – but the viewing audience, when I say WE THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR FUN WITH US! We hope for many more Episodes with the Rock Crawler Club that the World has been watching for almost 3 years!

Help Protect Your Off-road RC from Water, Mud, and Snow

My friends, I figured that since I did the “How to Build Snow Chains For a Scale RC Truck”video, that I better continue in assisting you to get your RC ready for the seasonal weather. I have been a long time user / believer in “Marine Grease”. Its quite thick and highly water in-soluble. Taking advantage of a good price, and getting your RC closer to complete water resistance – this video will show you what I use at the RCSparks Studio for all of my rigs.

4X4 PROJECT: OverKiLL – Plow and Snow Chains

My Friends!! WOO HOO! What a Great day.. finally I get to start attaching the PLow that KARL Shafer made for me a few months ago. Now that the Winter months are upon us.. the white cold icy snow should arrive anytime. This time.. I will be ready. It is War.. and I have my War machine. The Battle of Broken Backs will soon begin…

Cheap RC Tire Chain Tutorial – How To DIY

WOW! Get it while its hot! I just released this video tutorial on “How to make Tire Chains” for your RC Scale 4×4 Truck. This way cost me only about $30.00 in Chain – and thats becuase I purchased a lot of it. You would be able to get away with about $18-$20. Now that you know HOW to do this, please be responsible with the way you use it! I use these chains on SLOW moving vehicles. I DO NOT suggest this for High Speed vehicles. Mis-use of any RC Product can cause harm, so please be a responsible RC’r!

Have Fun my fellow RC ADDiCTS.. and don’t pack up those trail Trucks. The Season is JUST Beginning!!

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