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Fun at TED’S GARAGE – Rock Crawling.. and BOATS!?

The guys at the world famous “Ted’s Garage” are at it again! But this time there is a TWIST!

You thought Ted’s Garage was only about RC RoCK Crawlers? THINK AGAIN!

To See the Second Video – You better Click (more…)

“AdverseCity” – RoCks the RCSparks Studio – Custom “MANTiS XR” Build

Rob is 29 – and an AViD RC ADDiCT… A DareDevil by Trade.. this Scaffolder is now venturing into a pioneering RC Crawler world with a Brand New Rig.

RCSparks Forum Member “AdverseCity”

“AdverseCity” has been in RC for more than 6 years.. and built his first Rig oh – many years ago. Guess what it was? A Stock Enroute Berg Rock Crawler! Many of us already know the addiction problem here.. and my friend Rob certainly has taken his addiction to the NEXT LEVEL!! After many builds.. and after many long conquests to find the “Right” build combination.. he may have hit a “Home Run” here folks…

Check out this amazing BEAST of a crawler. I had the privilege of having him visit the RCSparks Studio today.. so I could get some exclusive photos of this beauty on the Famous Build Table.

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Meccano Excavator and Dumper Truck by Paul Jones

Meccano Excavator and Dumper Truck by Paul Jones

RCSparks Studio – Scale Truck Challenge 2011 – AWESOME!

Im completely BLOWN AWAY!! What a great day at the Very FIRST RCSparks Studio 10th Scale RC Truck Challenge! More than 15 Trucks Registered for this Legendary event – And I have to tell you I am HONOURED to be a part of this group! Everyone brought their BEST Game! The Trucks rolled in, and so did the competitors. Custom Trucks, Stock Trucks, Lipo’s and NiMH’s .. 1.9’s and 2.2 Tires sizes.. Duallies, Singles and All types rigs started to emerge from the meeting place.. and gathered to compete against fellow RCSparks Forum Members.. it was a battle that will not be soon forgotten.

Struggles of Might, and Defeats of the rigs who did their best.. Many Hung their heads in shame.. but others – rose to the top to RUE THE DAY!! Videos to come.. but in the meantime … check out the Gallery Section for a sneak peek at the action.. and some Awesome Pictures await you – to tantalize your mind! A special thanks to all the members who came to test their MIGHT against the EPiC 5 Events that were were laid in front of them…


For More discussions – and Updates –

Please visit our forum at the SCALE TRUCK THREAD!

Skate Park Pain 3 – One of the BEST RC Film Series You’ve Seen!

There is only a few times a year that I TRULY look forward to, and that time is the filming of our Annual Event – “RC ADVENTURES – SKATE PARK PAIN”. This year was our Third filming session of this Adventure series. Part One, Part Two.. and of course.. BIGGER AND BETTER than EVER.. Skate Park Pain Part 3! The Crew was DEDICATED to making AMAZING jumps to keep the worldly views of RC ADVENTURES entertained!!

Well, it is certainly my pleasure to showcase this 3 Part series here on the RCSparks Studio.. and because it is SO Jaw-dropping, SO Unbelievable, and SO hard NOT TO TALK ABOUT. I have started a thread in the RCSparks Studio forums so you can see all 3 segments, and discuss them with other hobby enthusiasts! In fact.. you can talk with the RC STARS of this flick (Newbe 59, BCRocks, RobscoRC, Warez_420, Crawler Ted, Jason09,…) and all the rest.. just by clicking the following link! ENJOY!



“Nothing But the Wind” – Sailing on a Sunny Afternoon

About a week ago, one of my good friends mentioned to me that there was to be some sail boat races taking place in the far South end of our city. I was certainly intrigued as I have been wanting to branch out and really delve into the work and world of Radio Control. Boating is something I have always been interested in, and this seemed like a great opportunity to see what RC Sailing was about! Upon arriving to the Sailing port – I was met by a boats Captain, Ken H.

Unfortunately he told me that the sailboat races had been postponed. BUT – I have to say it was worth the trip as Ken had a remarkable sailboat on site, and was piloting it around the pond. So! Out came my Camera, and I took the very first boating video this Studio has done! Continue Reading below.