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Crawler Teds Garage – Giveaway – 2 years on YouTube !

2 Years on YouTube guys ! Bammmmm !!! So cool ,, Thanks a lot to all that are subscribed and watch us having too much RC fun ! JD and myself in the Garage la…
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Aie Katpis _New Bangla Full Song _Dev & Koel _HD 1080p ) YouTube

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Rc Jet Crash Youtube + Get V3 Complete Package

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LOSi 5ive T Gas 4X4 at the Construction Site! AWESOME

Yes my friends.. its a great feeling when you can find a wide open construction site.. that has a “natural” track built in. All the construction rigs have been driving around in circles over the last month.. and now there is a temporary 5th Scale Track. .Baha! So I took advantage of it today.. and headed down. I got permission from the contract holders to RC there while the guys were working! So – OF COURSE I had to offer the controls to the BOSS! Haha.. They were great guys.. fascinated with the BEAST Machine. Little did they know.. I had a very rich mixture of Oil and Gas.. and the TRUE potential of this rig.. There will be more Days like this, Im sure!

A Group Trail Run – On Mars?!

As JEM and I make our way across the prairies.. we pondered what this RC ADVENTURE video would look like. We were off to go meet some friends and head out onto the Desert-like terrain of Drumheller Alberta, Canada. This place isn’t far from our city of Calgary, about 1 1/2 hours drive. Meeting with our friends.. we packed up the trucks.. and headed for the hills! A Special thank you goes out to The Dave’s, Sandra and the family! Thank you so Very much for a wonderful day.. that allowed me to capture some very fun times to remember!