Tamiya Toyota Tundra High Lift 4X4


Amazing how I look back and see how the concept of RC Adventures was truly born.. Many people ask me about this Giant of an RC.. and how I was involved in doing such a build.
It is a unique story..

I remember drooling over these very expensive kits, well over half a decade ago. So original kit itself – without any upgrades – was fairly pricey (ie: 750 USD), and came with no radio, no electronics, and no battery. Just the parts to put together an AWESOME looking scale truck. Well.. as I knew if I took on a project like this.. that there is no way I could actually just leave it stock. This was to be my first ever – scale trail truck. I had caught the scale bug in a BIG way. So.. having a pretty good relationship with one of the local hobby stores, I approached the manager 7 the marketing director – and mentioned that I had an idea…

The idea was to create the first ever build video series on Youtube. Build an RC that was SO ridiculous, and SO awesome.. that there was no way folks wouldn’t enjoy the outcome. After many discussions, emails and approval processes.. the hobby store and I decided to partner on this endeavor. Each one of us was to split the cost of the total project – and I was to come up with the concept, idea, equipment, “on-air” personality.. and build skills. “Oh man.. what did I get myself into?!” But.. I also remember thinking how exciting this challenge was.. and my first ever “on-camera” appearance.. I was super nervous.

So I sourced parts on ebay, and other online hobby stores.. and studied the options for this monster of a project I was about to launch upon the online community. I ordered parts from as far away as South Korea, Australia, and into the UK. I spent over $1000, just in parts alone. The total cost of the project was $2000.00 and took more than 2 months to conceive, plan and execute this pioneering journey into Hobby Kit building in an online forum.

Today.. this truck sits tall, and proud.. as it is one of , if not THE, most popular and well recognized RC vehicles in the world.

This production is certainly not as polished as the current productions.. but gives the RC Adventures viewers a bit more history.. into how these videos began :)


PART 1 – Introduction to the World..




The very First Trail Run with the New Tundra! Viewed more than 300,000 times

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    I own one and i just have got praise’s for this model. I would like to suggest this for other customers.