This infamous “Ted’s Garage” is located in Calgary, Canada. No one knows when walking by this un-assuming small building in a back-alley way.. that it indeed – is a RC Rock Crawling MECCA, admired by hobby enthusiasts world wide. From only a few rocks, sticks and logs.. to now more than 3 tons of hard river rock (mostly sandstone), Teeter-totters, Wire Bridges, Ramps of Doom, and SO MUCH more has now evolved into place.

I first met Ted in 2008. Having just built a crawler myself (an Axial AX10 Scorpion), I was eager to try my rig out on some real terrain. As it was the winter time – I had no option other than to hoof around in the deep snow – and to all those that know – RC Rock crawlers… need ROCK! So many times I would retreat inside with rock crawler in hand.. and flop down on the couch – disappointed. This usually led to some sort of Website surfing to admire other rock crawlers and their places they gathered to test their might. Well.. one day – in my very own cities forums… I happened to stumble across a very RC Club – The Calgary Crawlers. With in a few weeks i was invited to Ted’s Garage. and couldn’t believe me eyes! Quickly overwhelmed at the amount of people that were competing, I stood there with my entry level rock crawler.. knowing I was about to be out witted by experience.. and that heckling was immanent..

And though I got my butt handed back to me almost immediately when I tried my might against the course.. the camaraderie of this club was simply too good to not come back and try again! Every one there was supportive, and eager to lend advice, parts, experience – anything a newbie would want – was offered with a smile. Truly AWESOME! I knew I had found a new weekend home away from my wife – (love you hunny),…Lol It was the ultimate in Man Caves. Beer, RC’s, and Everyone having fun – Im In.

This is one of the places I started filming, and truly was part of the inception of RC Adventures. In fact.. below is the very 1st video of Ted’s Garage…

Amazing how far the show has come since 2008. Since the time of the last video was filmed.. more than 200 RC Adventures have been produced. Approximately 50 of those videos are of this Epic, and ever-changing playground. Simply amazing. Now TED’S Garage has been admired and drooled about across the globe inspiring other enthusiasts to do their own Garage Conversions.. and opening doors to new friends, new technologies and amazing times.

Ted, From all of us that have had the privilege of visiting your Rock Crawling Empire – and from all of the fans world wide – WE SALUTE YOU!


Song – RedLine – By 3K  –  http://opsound.org/artist/3k0/