Today We Celebrate – 50,000,000 Views to RC ADVENTURES

Fifty Million. 50,000,000. 50 Million. What a Number. No matter how many times I write this number – nor how many ways I can write it… It still astounds me. RC ADVENTURES was started in 2009. I started as an employed hobbyest. I had a “regular job” at an IT company. Naturally I was an introvert.. but over the years of me being a Rave DJ by night.. and Client Services Manager by Day (IT world), I slowly found myself getting out of the nightlife.. and into the “weekend” life. I found a New Hobby in Radio Control, and a refreshed sense of self worth through sharing my videos online. Youtube was a new Media Medium – and folks were just starting to discover High Definition video…

I remember getting my first video camera. It was a shady deal – I remember driving across my city to meet a fellow in a “parking lot”. He said he lived in that part of town.. and that he had to sell the camera for “some extra money”. It was one of the first 1080p High Def Cameras that was available. I had to have it.. and readily gave him the $350.00 he was asking. This camera took 22 Minute Micro-Disks.. Some of you will remember that 😉 I wanted to film my own RC ADVENTURES.

Little did I know that a small empire of Radio Control Hobbyests was about to be discovered .. all .. around.. the .. world. It started in a Loft Apartment.. with my lovely Wife-to-be.. JEM. She new I was excited about the hobby, the lifestyle, and of course.. the creativity of the mechanical engineering. – I KNOW – I just NERDED OUT! Haha.. So sorry – but true.
I soon discovered that I had the ability to share my “Adventures” with others on Youtube. “wow”, I thought .. “a way to share my RC and creativity with the world. I wonder if there are any other RC addicts out there?”.. And that was it.. The beginning of 50 Million Views. Over the years I have even ejoyed working with many companies. I would like to list them in “Thanks”.. for – Not only creating Products that I personally Enjoy – but for allowing the people of the world who are Fortunate enough to find their Products – a little bit of mental Freedom.

“Every RC Manufacturer”

That should sum it all up.

My friends – I could list RC Manufacturers here – but its not about promotion – Its about Finding something in your life that makes you the happiest. I have done plenty of videos on RC’s.. and I know that many people have gathered AWESOME information – and purchased SO many cool RC’s.. from watching RC Advntures.

It’s not about the product.

Its about What you can spend (afford) and YOUR IMAGINATION.

Find Fun in your lives – no matter what you are doing.

Thank you for Watching :~)


  • Anders Thoresen

    Congrats! Keep up the good work!