UK Scale Nationals 2011 – J.Scott Curlin Reporting

Written by: J. Scott Curlin (AceofAxe)
Pictures by: Chris Dickinson ( and Peter Gray (RRCI)

UK Scaler Nationals, 2011

Friday, Sept 30 2011, I was packing up my car to head to my first R/C Scaler competition. Not knowing what to expect or what would be available, I loaded down my car with everything I thought I might need. To say I went overboard would be an understatement. I brought enough food and drinks to feed an army. I brought every spare part I had for my trucks. I loaded up my trusty SCX-10 and the newly converted AX-10 to SCX-10. Of course I couldn’t leave the Slash or all the spares for it behind. Now, 2 hours behind schedule with a 3 hour drive in front of me, I set off.

I arrived at the hotel around 5:00pm, checked in and headed to the comp site. When I arrived I saw a camper and a couple of tents setup already. I made my way over to the camp site and introduced myself. The people there were absolutely some of the best people I have met. That’s when I met Dale “the Builder” who I recognized his name from the forum’s. He had a van he had converted to a camper/mobile workshop. He was eager to find out where I was from because I had an American or Canadian accent, lol. I sat around with him and a few others for an hour or so and headed back to the hotel where I had some last minute details to work out on my rigs.

Later that night around midnight, I went out to the car to get a drink or 2 out of my cooler. I ran into 2 guys sitting in the car park, in chairs, beside a van and having a drink. Lol, I asked if they were there for the comp and they immediately invited me to have a seat and join in the ummm, parking lot festivities. Come to find out it was 2 of the organizers of the event, Steve (Speedy) and John (JohnnyWheelsofSteele). Again, they were absolutely great guys. I was beginning to think I was really going to enjoy the Scaler scene because the people were great. So about, 2:00am, we left the car park and headed back inside, but not before they invited me to breakfast at 7:30am. I was thinking, great I’ll be ready to eat in 5 hours, lol.

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