Dynam “Grand Cruiser” Twin Engine Airplane

What a beautiful plane. Ever since I saw Tony, (a pilot for Nitroplanes.com), take this bird into the sky.. I wanted to showcase it on RCSparks.com and RC Adventures for all to enjoy. What a beauty.. and from what I am told.. a low speed floater.. good for any intermediate pilot to practice on, but easy enough for an entry level user with some RC plane experience. This will be my first crack at a twin engine Prop plane.. super scale.. and Ready To Fly. The only difference I will be changing – is an upgrade to the the battery system.

It comes with a …

Completely adequate battery system, but thought I would try out the new “Sky lipo’s” that www.Hobbypartz.com offers. The burst rate on the Sky Lipos I have are 40c continuous and 60c Burst – Simply Awesome. At 3300 mah, it will give me more power, and a longer run time that the included 2200mah batteries.   Perfect.   Look out for more on this plane.. and the impending Video series to come.

Heres the write-up from Dynam…

“Dynam Grand Cruiser Twin Engine Brushless RTF

This is a Large Cessna 310 / Grand Cruiser Twin Motor airplanes made with EPO semi flexible foam. The airplane has a great scale-look and details. It has two pre-installed powerful brushless motor and 3-Bladed Prop. All servos, ESCs and motors are pre-installed from the Factory. The model is designed for optional electric retract. Flaps are also designed in the wing for those who love to modify their airplanes. (2 additional servos required for flaps). The EPO foam is some of the most crash-resistance material in the market (which you will not need since this is a gem to fly). The Take off is easy from most hard surfaces or very short grass-field. The twin brushless motors provide plenty of power which enables the Grand Cruiser to have scale take-off with 50% power. Build time is around 30 min from box to air. Expect flight time to be from 5-10 minutes.”

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  • Ross Tinney

    I was informed when I tried to purchase the plane that it could not be shipped to Canada due to the size. I was told that I would have to have someone in the US it could be shipped to. I do not know anyone down there it could be shipped to.

    • Medic

      I dont know what to tell you my friend.. totally weird. i dont sell these planes.. but I did have mine shipped to Canada. Was aprox $45 for shipping charges.