A Vote for HEMiSTORM RC !

Hemistorm RC

OK My friends – its TiME! My very good friend Chris De Graaf aka: “HEMiSTORMRC” is an exceptionally Talented Radio Control Hobby Enthusiast – that has a cutting edge RC YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/hemistormrc . His painting skills are bar none some of the most detailed in the world, and his building ideas, executions and delivery are nothing short of amazing.

Well, now he has been recognized in Norway and has an opportunity to win and award and be featured on Television! Only Norwegian channels will be considered. But! That doesn’t mean that EVERYONE can’t VOTE! In Fact, you CAN. If you Love RC as a LIfe-style, go and help our friend HEMiSTORMRC spread the word about what our Hobby, does for the World Community of RC ADDiCTS – and beyond! Vote for him under the Category “BEST LiFESTYLE CHANNEL”


Voting is open until January 19th – so GO DO iT NOW!