50,000 Views in 1 Month – JEM & MEDiC in “Summer Love”

WOW! SO SUPER COOL – and THANK YOU my friends! Our Journey down to the Californian coastline was simply magical. Unlike anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I was able to pay for extra baggage at the Calgary Canada Airport – and fly down a couple of 1/10th Scale RC Trucks – Both my Wife, and mine. Having met up with a good friend of ours in California – just outside of Los Angeles – he took us to the spot you see in the video. Simply Stunning. We filmed for about 1 1/2 hours .. watching the water of the ocean – shooting scenes over and over – just to get the right “raw” feeling to the production – like a couple of Teenagers.. flirting on the beach.. it was a ton of fun! Well – after all was said and done.. the video was edited and posted. I am now honoured to say it was viewed almost 50,000 times in the first month of release. SO SUPER COOL. That means 50,000 smiles.. and 50,000 imaginations were able to be whisked away on a fantastic RC ADVENTURE. Thank YOU my friends.. what a great way to show the world how cool RC can be!