A “BiG DiRTY” MAiN EVENT Canadian Large Scale Offroad Race Highlight Reel – Losi 5T

BUCKLE UP as you are about to have a BiG DiRTY EXPERiENCE! Utilizing 11 cameras, the RCSparks Studio immerses you in a unique Two DAY Radio Control Hobby world that is Gas Powered & 1/5th scaled. Down and Dirty and packed full of high-flying action – these highlights are from the races that took place in Alberta Canada August 29th & 30th 2015.

These massive Monsters are extremely powerful and they need a LOT of land to stretch out and power down! Welcome to our backyard race track where every summer we host a heck of a private prairie party! All of these racers are invited, and this is at no cost to them. No cost to race, no cost to be there. Just come and have fun! Extreme weather is always a risk – but we want to see as many people smile as possible. This year, it happened and it was fantastic!

Most of the vehicles you see in this video are called “Losi 5ive T’s”. Not too many of them are left as stock, and each driver modifies and tunes their trucks to be the best they can be. They are powered from Gasoline and have a battery that powers the Servos that move the wheels, the Speed Controllers (Basically the brain) and the Radio Signals. They are fairly complicated to new users, but are a graduation in the RC world to a “higher level”.. haha!

Ever wonder what it was like to rip around a race track in a giant short course truck? Our onboard cameras will capture the action for you – and literally put you right in the race.

I have left out music in most of this video, to really give you a feel for the raw sound and power these machines produce. Each one of these machine is valued at $2500 – $6000 each. Depends on the modifications and the customizations installed. REMEMBER – You CAN PLAY YOUR OWN MUSiC OVER IT!

I have chosen to make this video over 30 minutes in length for multiple reasons.

#1- Hardcore racers, or Newbies who are 1/5th scale curious – this video will satisfy your RC needs..!
#2 – The Final Race on the Second day was 30 Minutes Long
#3 – For you to enjoy something fun while you are wrenching on your rigs.
#4 – For all the Moms/Dads/Grandparents who write to me saying that they can squeeze in a shower, or nap while my longer videos entertain the kids

A Very Special thank you to my fellow videographers that helped make this video possible:

Dave M
Everett D
Shawn L
Chris R & Will R.

Your creative shots and skills with the camera helped us create this amazing mini -series for all of the online viewers. THANK YOU!

Marshals who risked their very lives to be on this track – we can’t do this without you either! Im buying you all Helmets and Shin Pads

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to our fellow Long Time Partners and Racers – the OBR Boys! They sent in an amazing 30.5 FULL MOD Engine for us to give away to the Best Performer. Check them out – here is some info: