Backflipping a Demon 4WD Orion Powered Brushless World Rally Car Kyosho 1/9 DRX VE

A beautiful day for a BACK FLiP! My first few attempts were really just a way to feel how the car responded in the air. Full throttle all the way if you want to flip your car a full 360 degrees! This video is a short one, intended to tempt you into getting outdoors to let your imagination run crazy with the hobby of Radio Control. Technology has come such a long way in the last few years.. and almost anything is possible with this hobby. If you can dream it, chances are you can do it! Today I am jumping my rally car. I have modded it to fit larger tires (for a short course truck) and the rest is all stock. I wanted to do a short, exciting video that inspires you to GO OUTSiDE and get some fresh air.. haha 😉 I hope it works!

For all those who want to know – I am running 3s lipo 2600mah battery.

Here is some information from the manufacturer about this car:

“A realistic scale long wheelbase dimensions combine with Kyosho’s proven fulltime 4WD drive train powered by an ORION KV2400 brushless motor and Vortex R10 Sports ESC equipped with a simple waterproofed structure and constant cooling fan. Incredible power and performance delivers both fingertip drift control and dynamic straight line running that leaves you waiting for the sound of squealing tires. Combined with the ultra realistic 1/9 scale body, the aggressive driving characteristics make the nearest R/C off-road course, or even tarmac, gravel or parking lot your next rally stage setting. Just about everything you need is packaged in a fully assembled Readyset, including the 2.4GHz KT-200 R/C system that automatically manages frequency band allocation and features dual-rate setting and a failsafe function (optional setting) that slows the throttle if radio signal is lost. Look no further to enjoy the best of electric rally car excitement and performance without the hassles of building!