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Dynam “Grand Cruiser” Twin Engine Airplane

What a beautiful plane. Ever since I saw Tony, (a pilot for Nitroplanes.com), take this bird into the sky.. I wanted to showcase it on RCSparks.com and RC Adventures for all to enjoy. What a beauty.. and from what I am told.. a low speed floater.. good for any intermediate pilot to practice on, but easy enough for an entry level user with some RC plane experience. This will be my first crack at a twin engine Prop plane.. super scale.. and Ready To Fly. The only difference I will be changing – is an upgrade to the the battery system.

It comes with a …


Scale World War RC Series? I Think So :)

Ok .. So you know that the RCSparks studio is always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to “entertain the troops”, and a good friend of mine suggested that I attempt a type of Scale World War series featuring Tanks, Plans, Hum-v’s and much more – mixed with proper filming, editing and great production quality…    AWESOME… IM IN!   There are many manufactures of 1/16th Scale Metal and Plastic Army RC’s and if selected carefully,  this production could be FANTASTIC and EPIC.   Heres a pic of one..


Hello My RC Friends and Welcome!


At last… an updated and powerful home for our growing RC community.

The RCSparks website has been completely custom designed, and purpose built for the Millions of “RC ADVENTURES” viewers visiting us from around the world. After listening to the needs of viewers for almost two years.. careful planning and consideration has gone into every part of this website – providing the viewers with as many of the requested items to make the RCSparks.com experience a good home, and resource for hobby enthusiasts.

A special thanks to Praj & the C3-Converge Website development team and http://www.RCNightmare.com for their ongoing support and hard work in assisting this amazing community come together!

Over the next few months, RCSparks will continue to go through some changes as we slowly work out all the details that go into such a massive project, but in the meantime… Please make yourselves at home! Mi Casa, et su Casa as they say… and have a look around.

If there is anything you need, please feel free to contact me through the “Contact Us” section.

Kind regards,

“MEDiC” & the RCSparks Team